I’m really pleased that I was asked to consider giving publicity to a new travels series called Beyond Bordeaux. The LCBO Broadcast Production Group‘s series takes us beyond the obvious… the wines. When I had time to review the episodes, I was hooked. Culture, baby. If you want to know a wine region, learn the culture, which includes everything. I’ve written about this concept at great length, and now a younger generation is also hooked on the concept. (Great!)

How the people choose to work, history, heritage, culture, wind breezes, how the peripheral jobs intertwine with the wines, including how the arts support it… Just a few examples of what a wine region offers, Beyond Bordeaux (and every other appellation).

Each video is about three to four minutes of your time

In this premier episode, published on November 6, 2015, host and sommelier Patrick Cappiello takes us to Arcachon. Patrick Cappiello visits Monsieur Denis Bellocq, a third generation oyster farmer in Arcachon Bay. This location is just an hour and thirty minutes outside of the city of Bordeaux. And, Arcachon is home to some of France’s best oysters; especially when they’re paired with the crisp, dry white wines of this region.

The next episode explores street art, in a cultural region called Darwin. This is where they incorporate wine into their street art, based the artist who makes a connection between his work and the wine world. Imagine, as he did, his art becomes a wine label, Beyond (traditional) Bordeaux. For more than a decade, an abandoned military barrack in the city of Bordeaux served as a canvas and haven for the street artists and alternative youth culture of Bordeaux. In 2009, a community proposal was presented to establish the space as a more formalized initiative to support artists, entrepreneurs and innovators. Today, the Darwin Center houses a co-working space, organic cafe and general store, numerous skateboard parks, roller derby rink, gallery space, artist studios and more, all with a strong emphasis on the environment.

In the next episode… it’s about foods at an outdoor market. According to Chef and Man of the People, Jean-Pierre Xiradakis, a visit to any city should begin at the market. Its where locals congregate to connect, communicate and celebrate the bounty of fresh produce and products of the region. Marché des Capucins in the heart of Bordeaux is a perfect market and meeting place.

This mini series is excellently produced, and worth your time; most especially if your planning a trip to Bordeaux for not only its wine, but also for its culture, people, foods, and history… So you “get it.” I know that when I go to any region in Europe, I’m going to head to the market first… The best place to start your adventure.