Viader is in the House of Scorpio… And, Welcome…

November 25’s full moon is going to be with the Sun in Scorpio (dig deeper detective), opposing the Moon in Taurus (strong builder on a solid foundations.)

In my wine work, I’ve noticed that Delia Viader exemplifies these characteristics with her cult wine standing.

Delia Viader, the Dig Deeper Detective: When the nefarious Mark Anderson set fire to the 240,000 square-foot warehouse in Vallejo, on Oct. 12, 2005, he destroyed 4.5 million stored wine bottles from 95 wineries clients. (Quick story at Napa Valley Register, or read Tangled Vines, by Frances Dinkelspiel. The book is a fascinating read. Promise.)

From Tangled Vines: Chapter 17, Dismay

Delia had about 7,400 cases of wine in that warehouse. The approximate value stated in the book was about $4.5 Million.

After calling her insurance company repeatedly and not getting any real answers, she took this as an opportunity to learn about the chemical transformation of wine. So, she went undercover and pulled out as much as she could, to evaluate and save what she could. And, it was a darn good idea. When her insurance company finally did contact her, they said, “$500,000 was going to be her settlement, based on the “fine print.”

In the past, insurance companies have taken out wine and then it is sold in whatever condition it is in. Buyer beware, is the message in this book.

Delia Viader, the Strong Builder on Solid Foundations.

This time, quoting Tangled Vines: Major Characters

Delia Viader–An Argentina-born winemaker whole 1997 Viader Napa Valley was named the number two wine in the world by the Wine Spectator magazine. Viader was one of the first in the Napa Valley to plant vertical rows on steep hillsides.

Pretty daring, I’d say; and, she does have a DARE brand, besides her Viader.

What I’ve written about Delia in the past is timeless information, as her character is solid…  timeless, really. Classy and classic, get your hands on her wine. You WON’T be disappointed.

Delia Viader: Her Heart is in the vineyards; her soul is in the bottle!

Tasting the wines brings you right to the point of place that Delia was aiming for, in that they’re very specific in design, and very articulate in expression. High mountain grapes are picked when they’re very ripe, from 20-year old vines that are no larger than an inch and a half in diameter. When I learned that she crafts a Petite Verdot and Tempranillo, I was intrigued and could hardly wait to taste her wines. It was her Cabernet Franc, however, that just caught me! I’ve loved this variety since my days of working in the Sierra Foothills, when I represented a brand that made a juicy Cab Franc that I just adored. Delia’s was reminiscent; however, it was more elegant, more delicate… It was like being able to taste French lace, if that had a flavor. It was intricately crafted… It had nuance, it had aromatics that excited my senses, and it drew me in and held me… not wanting to move on…

Delia’s wine choices are daring, she’s quick to note, and justifiably so. This is a woman of the world. She made her choice to not craft a regional wine, high on that Napa Valley mountain estate. She decided to take on the world… in the most quiet, elegantly humble way possible; and it’s that posture that’s made her a giant, who still understands that she’s just a blink in time… like the rest of us.