Sara Matthews is going to be in California shooting in both May and September. If you’d like to have her photograph your wine world, because you might benefit from her eye and perspective, let her know. She normally spends a day or two at a winery to create a whole portfolio of images, which you can use to tell the world your story, including vineyards, portraits, winemaking, and cellars.

If you would like to know more about her photography work, please take a look at her website, It’s very impressive.

Sara Matthews is opening a new exhibit at the Killka Gallery at Bodegas Salentein in Mendoza, on December 12.

How I came to know Sara Matthews

Concha y Toro has brought a world of exploration to me… Not only from their sharing delicious wines with me, but most recently also delivering a gorgeous coffee table book to my doorstep.

The captivating and emotive photography was photographed by Sara Matthews. I loved learning about Carmenere wines from Chile, which was greatly enhanced by having an accompanying book: The Carménère Wines of Chile, from the Cachapoal Valley, originally published in 2009. The book is timeless and a classic. The photography is outstanding. On my blog I wrote:

The stories are written by Sara Matthews, Mariana Martinez, and Rafael Guilisasti, and the forward was written by Isabel Guilisasti, the marketing director of Concha y Toro. What a magnificent collaboration… Eye candy at its finest and words for your Spanish soul, even if you have no Spanish DNA.

With her book about Carmenere, Sara Matthews decided to create a book that does exactly what I tend to do with stories about wine; i.e., focus on terroir… people, landscapes, foods, culture.  From these elements, you learn a lot about what the wine is going to have for a focus. [MY WRITTEN EXAMPLE: The Wines of Portugal ~ First you must understand the people]

More wine book contributions from Sara:

  • Washington: The State of Wine
  • Chile: The Art of Wine
  • Mendoza: Our Terroir
  • A Village in The Vineyards
  • The Wines of Long Island
  • Wine Spectator Magazine’s Guide to Long Island Wine Country

According to Sara Matthews (From her Website)

Wine at its best captures something real: the land, the climate, the grapes and the winemaker’s craft. I want my photographs to do the same. That means an emphasis on natural light, an avoidance of stylistic tricks, and an honest engagement with the real thing.

I’ve been photographing wine regions around the world for over 20 years, continually learning from dedicated vineyard managers and winemakers. My early career focused on the documentary aspects of the work—the conventional beauty of vineyards and wineries.

I studied architecture at Georgia Tech, which helped train my eye in composition, color, light and shadow. I’ve learned from other photographers, too, especially Eugene Atget, Berenice Abbott, Ansel Adams, and Edward Weston. They revealed the essential beauty of their subjects through a rigorous honesty in their photography. I try to approach the world of wine with the same passion and respect.

See Sara Matthews IN ACTION for Yourself

Sara Shooting in South America + Exhibition “Eye on Wine” in Bordeaux is a great Vimeo and deserving of your time. Just click on this “Sara Shooting in South American” image