In a message from Ronald Rens, M. Sc., Wine Master, wine writer, and president of the Bordeaux Wine Experience:

Cheers from Bordeaux,

International solidarity after the callous attack on our Western Civilization…

Bonjour Jo,

It’s not going to happen. I was shocked by the callous attacks in Paris last Friday and we mourn those that were killed. Our thoughts go out to those that were wounded and sometimes still fighting for their lives.

Our family and friends are safe, thank God, and so are you as you are reading this. The Bordeaux Wine Magazine is about lifestyle, culinary experiences and premium wines and not about politics. But how could I not say anything about this? Last January with the attacks on the editorial offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, there was an attack on the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. Last week it was even worse, it was an attack on our society. These attacks took place in Paris but for me this is beside the point.

For me it was not an attack on Paris; it was not even an attack on France. It was an attack on our Western Civilization. We are in the midst of a clash of cultures and it is about time that we face this. Friday the attacks were in Paris, but it could have been anywhere in our Western society. This time it was where we live, but tomorrow it can be where you live. These terrorists want to destroy our way of life and it is not going to happen. They want us to change our ways and that is not going to happen. They want us to live in fear -and although I admit that I was scared- it is not going to happen: I am not going to live in fear. I am not a hero. We celebrated Veterans Day last week because our veterans are the real heroes. If we are going to change our ways after these attacks we’re not just cowards, but we are betraying the memories of those who fought and fell for our freedom and that’s not going to happen.

These idiots want us to change our ways, to stop doing what we always do. It is like asking us to stop breathing. It is just not going to happen. To quote Winston Churchill: “We will never surrender.”

Nothing has changed since January, when we all were Charlie. Back then I wrote: “I feel very strongly that we should all carry on with our lives. Not like nothing has happened, but knowing that if we change our ways, these jerks would have won.  And I won’t let that happen. There’s simply no other option. We will not walk in fear; we just won’t do it.”

It is not going to happen.


From Jo, via a translator, so not sure if it makes perfect sense:

Mon cœur me fait mal pour tous ceux touchés par cette tragédie .