[Image of the Douro was purchased.]

When we think of wines, we think, “Port.” And it’s a beginning. These “Porto” wines are from the Douro Region of Portugal. That would be right, except there’s so much more to the Douro.

It begins with their terroir, the most unusual in the world. To think I was so close, when I visited, and yet so far… Had I gone back, this was going to be my next visit… the terraces of the Douro along the river. And it’s not off my radar screen yet for a visit. I purchased this image for you to see what I need to see… Need to breathe, need to absorb, and need to photograph for myself.

2014 douRosa Douro White Wine

  • This wine was so typical of what I’ve come to know with Portuguese wines, that I’m betting that I could pick it out in a blind tasting as Portuguese. It’s all about the typicity, some common thread of flavor. It’s very lean and clean wine, but possessing some complexity… Like the history of Portuguese wines. This was a delicious wine serves with pork… Not Black Pig that I tasted in Portugal, but definitely working really well with pork. It also reminded me of Portuguese fare. When I was there, I was pretty overwhelmed with being in Europe and another time zone. But, I do remember the foods all being quite rich… Now I know why. The foods and wines are meant to complement each other, and I didn’t really pick up on it at the time, because everything was so new.

2013 douRosa Douro Red Wine

  • A delicious red wine, this one takes me right back to paradise. Portugal has a sister bridge to the Golden Gate, and just as one can leave his or her heart in San Francisco, so can one leave one’s heart in Lisbon. Tasting of lean fruit, beautifully in balance is why it’s just tastes so good.

2011 Quinta de La Rosa, Douro D.O.C Red Wine

  • This blend is why we buy red wines, looking for something with succulent flavors… It comes from a family owned and operated winery, so the love of wine grapes is definitely there. All vines are in low yield production, making the plump, juicy grapes have jammy flavors. There are three grape varieties in the blend: 40% Touriga Nacional, 30% Tinta Roriz*, and 30% Touriga Franca. This one would be great beef stew, venison, and other richly sauced meats.

Quinta de la Rosa, Lote 601 Ruby Reserve Porto

  • Whooph… Just like being whisked back into The Old World. I think I can remember enjoying this in a past life. Taking it tonight to a special Mediterranean dinner with friends. It’s going to be a hit of our 40 or so people. (Perhaps I should bring the Quinta de la Rosa Tawny Porto as a back-up, since I’ve yet to open this one.) I feel like I’m sitting on top of a mountain in Maine and eating all of the wild blueberries. Telling you where is like giving you the name of a favorite fishing hole. Yeah, it’s like that. You, too, can have this port to try and figure out the spot. Terroir… Great Porto are only from Portugal. Otherwise, put another name on it, fellah…

Quinta de la Rosa Ten Year Tawny – Tonel 12 Porto !

  • I have to let you know that this is very special bottle of wine… Given that it’s a 10 year Porto. As a consequence, I’m saving it for Thanksgiving, so it can be shared with family. I WILL report back after having tasted this one, but it would break my heart to open it right now, and not be able to share it with very special people. I’m thinking Thanksgiving, because you’ll then have the rest of the December holidays to know what it tastes like in my world, and then perhaps in yours.

Samples from From Winesellers, LTD.