On November 14 and 15, 2015, Oak Knoll Winery is again getting its Gris on.

Long standing proponent of Oregon Pinot Gris, Oak Knoll Winery has historically supported this variety. And, it has good reason to do so… Pinot Gris is the state’s largest wine grape crop. Many would love to have Chardonnay catch up in Production, but those who are in the business of wine grape growing in Oregon have weighed in, by continuing to plant what demand is currently dictating.

Oregon Pinot Noir has its partner and it’s Oregon Pinot Gris.

As a result, Oak Knoll is continuing with Get Your Gris On in a couple of weeks.

President Greg Lint came up with the idea of having a weekend, before going into the holidays, for suggesting Oregon Pinot Gris to winery fans. “Knowing that most families love to have sparkling wine and Pinot Noir with their main course, why not think Oregon Pinot Gris for the appetizer portion of our meals? It’s a natural!”

Since bounty is associated with Thanksgiving, starting with lighter wines makes a whole lot of sense. Starting with a heavy wine will destroy your palate’s ability to enjoy a lighter wine later, if you chose to go backwards in your tasting. A crisp white, like an Oregon Pinot Gris is a great place to start. As an experiment, take a few sips of a big meaty Petite Sirah and then try a few sips of your Pinot Gris. You’ll quickly understand. (This experiment can be done anytime, when a white wine and a red wine are open simultaneously. Taste the red first, then taste the white.)

And so, we’ve gathered a group of suggestions, in the event you’d also like to Get Your Gris On this coming Thanksgiving, with your family and friends.

Goat cheese is a favorite with most people, for Pinot Gris, so we’ll start there, but end with a bigger Jack cheese to end this list.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!