Oct 27, 2015: Today, the Libra Sun is opposite the Aries Moon (Balance from Libra, and martial energy from Aries; it’s a powerful one, people, and what’s in your glass could give you great balance is a very energizing way. Are you ready for that kind of energy? (I am.)

I stopped being an astrologer years ago, when a friend asked me about a surgery date for her child, who had a cleft palate. I looked at the date she gave me, and it was during a Mercury retrograde. I told her that I’d personally change the date. It’s a long story why, but I’ll shorten it for you. Mercury, the planet of communications, when in retrograde motion equals missed communications and commitments (appointments included). So, I just said the natural thing, since she asked. “Book it for when this motion is over,” which was only a week away from her date.

She did and everything was just fine, until her husband got home. He called me and ripped me up one side and down the other. I thought, “That’s it. This isn’t something I want to fight about.” I let those friends go. Life’s too short to have that one hanging in mid air. But, my friend did call me and tell me that her child had to miss the surgery, because he had a severe cold. The surgery had to be put off for a much later date, nor weren’t able to reclaim the one that was set for the following week. The child then missed the “would have been” date, and then had a lot more waiting to do. (Sigh.)

About the upcoming full moon in Libra on Tuesday

I’m telling you now, so you can get your bottle (and a special event) ready for this one.

Libra is all about balance, its totem is the Scales of Justice. Joy Sterling easily fits into the category of who’s “fair.” I looked at her chart, given her birth date. Joy’s a true Aquarius (very compatible with Libra), and Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac. Her father is also a former attorney (Libra rules attorneys) of great merit. In 1963, Joy’s mother Audrey was appointed by Governor Edmund “Pat” Brown to serve as a California Fair Employment Practice Commissioner. Joy was raised in an extremely fair and equatable environment. This explains the impetus behind all of the family’s “causes.” Let’s just take Joy’s Earth Day efforts:

  • 2015: Earth Day at Iron Horse. Scaling the earth, and there to tell about it was was Kevin Jorgeson.
  • 2014: Chief Justice Sandra Day O’Connor ~ The Scales of Justice are very appropriate. Barry Sterling, Joy’s dad, was also in the same class as William Rehnquist and Sandra Day O’Connor.
  • 2013: Jared Diamond was her guest speaker. He had just released his new book, “The World Until Yesterday.” It studies what we can learn from Traditional Societies (subtitle). A professor of geography at UCLA, Jared has picked up many awards throughout his illustrious career.
  • 2012: This year was skipped, because Joy didn’t find a guest speaker, who could best represent the earth.
  • 2011: Ted Turner was her keynote speaker. National Geographic adventurer Boyd Matson conducted the question and answer session. It was highly enlightening.
  • 2010: Celebrating Ocean Conservancy… National Geographic underwater explorer, Green Goes Blue, benefiting the Seafood Watch Program.
  • And, there are more years…

Joy has connected herself in every way, with her family strongly behind her. She’s the marketing director, while her brother Lawrence is quietly growing the grapes that will go into every bottle.

The Astrological Full Moon for September Wine

2010 Iron Horse Vineyards Ocean Reserve Blanc de Blancs

There’s no time like today’s full moon in Libra to search for and find a perfect balance, but be a bit careful with your energy. It has the potential to be like finding something you’ve been searching for for a long time, and you become impatient watching someone else reading the back label. You’ll want to rip it out of someone else’s hands… But you mustn’t. (You’ve been warned.)

Why Iron Horse Bubbles? Easy… It’s all about the “balance” in the wine, but it’s also about the ideological balance behind this catch.

The grapes for this sparkling wine were grown in verdant Green Valley of Russian River Valley. (Dan Berger once told Ron Rubin, of The Rubin Family of Wines, “If Russian River Valley gets an A for growing grapes, Green Valley gets an A+.”) This wine has a perfect balance not only in the bottle, but it also in its soil, weather, from the family growing grapes in this valley, and in every other segment of its terroir.

Then, there’s the “fair” factor. The 2010 Iron Horse Vineyards Ocean Reserve Blanc de Blancs is another vintage which continues to celebrate our earth, in an effort to help save our earth’s ocean. Iron Horse Vineyards has dedicated their Blanc de Blancs production to this sparking cuvée. It’s made in partnership with National Geographic’s Ocean Initiative, to help establish marine protected areas; while it’s also intended to help support sustainable fishing around the world. Ergo… balance.

Their five vintages have topped $200,000… That’s 50,000 bottles of wine, or just about 4,167 cases of the Iron Horse Vineyards Ocean Reserve Blanc de Blancs.

How this marketing for a cause works: Retail is $50. Every bottle donates $4.00 to the National Geographic’s Ocean Initiative. When you purchase this wine, you are also contributing to a cause for great balance… the balance of all life.

How it tastes? Like a full moon in Libra should taste: deliciousness explodes from the bottle as newly opened. When poured, tiny bubbles rise to the top, happy to be released from being under pressure for the last five years… Lime, minerality, and star fruit delight your sense of taste. I’d say sea food in is order, would you agree?

Let’s keep it in all balance this coming Tuesday (and everyday, but especially this coming Tuesday).