Have you ever wondered how much wine comes from one vine? This is a great trivia question, for those opening moments, instead of asking, “So, what’s your sign?”

“Either way, you’re a geek, though,” said she, who used to get hit on.

On average, one plant equals about 14 pounds of fruit, if crop isn’t dropped in substantial amounts. One plant will then equal about five (750 milliliter) bottles of wine.

One gallon is equal to 5 bottles of wine.

The following are averages, because viticulturists ultimately decided how many plants there will be on one acre of land. Some stress the vines to be three feet apart. This causes the roots of each plant, because it is so close to its neighbor, to go straight down into the earth, and not sprawl outward. Others (up to six feet apart), allow the vines to have their root systems sprawl, before they go downward searching for water, leaving more space between plants. Think averages with the following figures:

One acre equals about four tons of grapes. With this configuration, you get the following:

  • 1 acre = about 544 plants
  • 1 acre = about 3028 bottles of wine
  • 1 acre = 252 cases of wine
  • 1 barrel = 59.4 gallons, or 225 liters of wine
  • 1 barrels = 24 cases of wine


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