Down to earth, that’s what defines Oak Knoll Winery. The family came in as humble farmers, and they cling to their original humble beginnings. In a world of wine, where a bit of pretense is crafted into being the original beverage of kings, queens, and priest alchemists, it’s been easy to slip into a snob factor with this beverage. But today, more and more people are pushing away from the attitude that wine is only for the most elite among us… It’s just an everyday beverage to be enjoyed by anyone who wants to have a glass of this great fermented grape juice. Oak Knoll Winery was, and still is, a beverage of and by “the people.”

Perhaps this is what makes them “the people’s winery,” by local Portlandiers. … And that local saying of “keep it weird?” Yeah… it’s like that at Oak Knoll Winery. They are just what Oregon has always been about; being non-conventional and non-prestigious down home folks, with wines that mimic those feelings.

Oak Knoll Winery has just kept its nose to the grindstone since opening in 1970. Oak Knoll Winery is Oregon’s fourth-oldest winery. And, it’s still going strong, with some recent news from others, who have also captured their heart and soul and validate their reason-to-be…

According to President Greg Lint, “We are the hottest spot in the Portland Metro area for holding a Paint Nite once a month, and it sells out quicker than any of their other venues. The next one is going to be on Thursday October 22, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.”

Oak Knoll Winery is doing really well on the People’s Website for wine reviews, called Vivino. With Oak Knoll’s modest prices, the reviews are pouring in with many four of five possible stars. This also demonstrates that they really are, in the hearts of their fans,  “the people’s winery.”

In the summer, they have a very popular concert series. Being just outside of Portland high tech region, they’re a favorite as the first winery that enters into Hillsboro’s wine region. It’s convenient as well as approachable for learning the basics about wine.

From WineTrailsNW:  Oak Knoll Winery

WineTrail trekkers living in and around Portland have a jewel of a winery in their own backyard. Located west of Portland in Hillsboro (where high tech meets family-run farms), Oak Knoll Winery sits ensconced in rural splendor. An über-lawn that would make John Deer nervous invites would-be picnickers and bocce enthusiasts alike to relax with a glass of wine and enjoy the setting. Yes, those are the Chehalem Mountains in the distance — Oregon’s newest designated American Viticultural Area.