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Vinomaster ~ Corkscrew for easy access to your delicious wines

I watched a brain surgeon once open a bottle of wine and I couldn’t help but think, “Thank God that’s not my brain.” If you’re also intimidated about opening a bottle of wine with a cork, head on over to Wine Turtle. It’s a wine site for handy and fun learning about wines, and in this case, it will make an expert wine bottle opener out of you, once and for all.

Opening a bottle, for those of us who’ve opened thousands of bottles, looks easy. For us, it is; but, we’ve made tons of mistakes in the process… Broken corks, floating cork particles. Been there, done that.

For those who haven’t opened thousands of corks, because your business life is outside of the wine business, there’s efficient help for you. My favorite rabbit style wine opener is Vinomaster’s Rabbit-style Wine Opener. It makes opening a bottle of wine completely easy, and takes the fear of failure away from any novice as you approach that bottle with sweaty hands. Using it takes very little force to open a bottle.  I keep mine in the box that it came in, so I can easily tuck it away; otherwise the shape is awkward for fitting into any of your wine accessory draws. (Save your box!)

There’s a great Website for learning about wine. It’s called Wine Turtle. You can easily read and learn anything you’d like about wine. When it comes to how to how to use one of these Rabbit-style wine openers, or any other opener, just click here. This link covers the following: I’m not going to reinvent any of these wheels they’ve already covered…

  • Rabbit Style Wine Openers (in three easy steps…)
  • Wine Key or Waiter’s Friend Style Wine Openers
  • Ah-So, Butler’s Thief, or Two Pronged Wine Opener
  • Traditional or Winged Corkscrew
  • Travel Corkscrew (Never have TSA take one of your favorite cork screws again…)
  • The Electric Wine Opener

The Vinomaster (Rabbit Style) set that I have is beautiful, and will be making a great gift for one of my favorite (non business) wine people… If you have family, friends, wine connoisseurs or those just beginning their wine experiences, anyone will love having a Wine Rabbit as a favorite gadget, as part of the experiences that go along with his or her wine culture.

Vinomaster is also a great addition to anyone’s wine party. For me, it means that I can walk away from opening bottles and someone else can take over, including anyone who’s had very little exposure to opening many bottles at one time. The set comes with a foil cutter, and an additional cork screw (worm), and the corkscrew itself. It’s the total package…

Just a thought for each of you, because once October hits, we begin to make those lists for December gift giving, special moments. It’s just what we do, right?

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