How did it all come together? Social media, people meeting people every single day, in the most unusual of circumstances… But, there they are, cultures of all kinds intermingling every day in our global world.

Wines, motorcycles, cars, and planes


A Q&A snippet from Jo Diaz‘ Wine Blog ~ 2/2014, BC (before cancer) “[Q] For what would you like to be remembered?

[A] I want to be apocryphal. When I am gone from the scene, literally or figuratively, people will say what they want about me. I just hope the fabrications that people tell about me are even remotely consistent with who I really was.


Wow… back to that interview. Very interesting. I’m sure you wouldn’t change a thing.


Just got back from Galesburg, Ill … the Stearman National fky in … I counted 82 … in one place …WOW …got to fly one … YA HOO …. .. UPSIDE DOWN ,,, WING OVERS , HAMMER HEAD STALLS … wish I had that on film …what a great pilot to give me his stearman and do anything I wanted … WHAT A GUY …. never forget Friday … PHEW … I can fly !!!!!




Peter Nowack, I have a brother Peter, and he obviously just did something on his bucket list. Our dad was a pilot and we grew up with a “plane” in our family. I had flying lessons as a kid. My dad said to Pete Clarke, “Someday, son, you’re gonna to learn how to fly.” Pete said, “There ain’t no way I’m ever gonna fly a plane.” To that I said, “I wanna fly a plane,” four years older than Pete, and already having the bug.


No wonder I was confused.


So, Dad took me to the airport and the lessons began. It was great and our little secret. It didn’t take my mom long, though, to figure out what was going on.

And my wings were clipped. Sigh. I had to content myself with being a passenger. Then, it hit my bro… “Hey, I wanna fly, too!” So, he built himself a plane, while learning to fly, because that’s what he does… He’s a mechanical tinkerer. He’s tinkered himself a couple of Harleys. The first one was 1,000 cc’s, The new one, I believe, 1,500 cc’s. He restores gas station memorabilia – including the old pumps, getting the right globes… interesting stuff.


Interesting story. Indeed.


I’ve seen him take older cars and restore them into mint condition, where they go into museums. I got his restored pumps placed in an Elegant Auto exhibit at the Portland Maine Museum of Art.

He’s so underground in what he’s doing that only the inner circle knows him. He does everything almost singlehandedly, but that’s another story. Meanwhile, he got his wings, and he’s flying a plane that he restored. This may be his second… I’m not sure.

As I said, a mechanical tinkerer. And, it appears that this was the day that will also have a significant significance.

I got to introduce you, two. Peter Nowack, one of my California wine friends, please meet my brother, Pete Clarke… Pete Clarke meet Peter Nowack. Peter, Pete’s my best and only brother. You’re both in two different worlds, my brother in the Maine woods and you out in the Bay Area. Still, as different as you each are, you’re both rebels.

It’s also interesting to note that our great uncle Harold Clarke invented two things:

  1.  The automatic transmission
    1. General Motors claims the invention, after Uncle Harold brought his great idea to them as a “look/see.”
    2. No, he hadn’t yet patterned it.
  2. The foot sizing apparatus (we’ve all used in a shoe store)
    1. This was during World War II.
    2. Yes, he did – this time – have a patent.
    3. The US Military presented a medal of honor to Harold Clarke. It was because his innovative way to measure feet, as soldiers were slamming into WW II, became much more efficient. Because it was at a time of great peril, it was acknowledged as such for him.