Turkey and its wines

  1. Right now, Turkey is focused on bridging the gaps between one of the oldest grape growing and wine making regions in the world, by educating the new world about what Turkey has to offer.
  2. It has an 11,000 year history of winemaking.
  3. There are more than 800 indigenous grape varieties in Turkey.
  4. Turkey represents both the oldest world in terms of wine making and the newest in terms of quality wine making.
  5. Turkey’s unique geography is bridging Asia and Europe, which is the physical location for not only being the cradle for civilizations, but also “this geography represents a unique fauna.”
  6. It has a biological diversity that is represented by 75 percent of the total number of plant species, which are entirely found in all of of Europe.
  7. It’s the sixth largest grape growing area in the world (but only using three percent of it with winemaking).
  8. It’s the original home of Vitis vinifera.
  9. It’s the oldest civilization with the most diverse cuisine.
  10. It has unique, indigenous grape varieties.