Spain and its wines

  1. Paella is a rice dish, not a seafood dish. (Whew, I’m allergic to sea food, so I’ll cozy up more to see what that protein is.)
  2. Ten top regions in Spain:
    1. Andalusia
    2. Asturias
    3. Basque Country
    4. Catalonia
    5. Castilla y Leon
    6. Extremadura
    7. Galicia
    8. Valencia
    9. Madrid
    10. Valencia
  3. The exciting nightlife in Madrid kicks off late – around 2:00 a.m.
    1. Okay, I’ll be totally missing that, unless I sleep all day.
    2. Maybe jet lag will make it easily possible for the first night.
  4. The beret is associated with France; but Basques, in northeast Spain, invented the beret.
  5. The main grape used for the white wine Rueda is Verdejo; although, the wine is often a blend, with the rest usually being Sauvignon Blanc).
  6. La Rioja is Spain’s most famous wine region, and we usually immediately think of red wine. It also makes good white wine, too. White Rioja is made from the Viura grape, which is also known as Macabeo.
  7. Spain has over 2.9 million acres of planted grape vines.
    1. This makes it most widely planted wine producing nation
    2. But, it’s the third largest producer of wine in the world: France is largest, followed by Italy.
  8. At the end of the nineteenth century, Spain’s sparkling wine emerged as “Cava” in Catalonia.
  9. The 80-20 Rule: It’s estimated that over 600 grape varieties are planted throughout Spain; but, 80 percent of the country’s  focus is only on 20 of the grape varieties.
    1. Very common in most countries – like Portugal and Italy, for instance – that have a tremendous amount of indigenous grape varieties that have evolved over the years.
  10. Just as Champagne only comes from the Champagne region of France, and Porto only comes from Portugal, Sherry ONLY comes from Spain.