*Meet Henri – Henri le Chat Noir

Make sure you have a glass of wine for this. Today, I’m not able to blog, so this blog post was created ahead of time, when I DID have time to blog. So, today, I’m going to leave you in the hands of Henri, le Chat Noir.

Henri 9 – “Blight of Spring”

Henri le Chat Noir

Meet Henri – William Braden’s “Henri 9” means that there are a lot more Henri episodes to watch, along with having a book. I like this one specifically, and think if you have a passion for wine, and a passion for cats – or maybe even dogs, they all seem to have similar thoughts in varying degrees, don’t they? The book about Henri is called, “Henri, le Chat Noir: The Existential Musings of an Angst-Filled Cat”. It should be in the wine library of cat lovers. When you feel like having a glass of wine, a few good chuckles, and something worth reading, pull out those existential musings. I can’t see who any of it would get old. It’s like going back to Seinfeld episodes. They’re always funny.

The author of this video brilliant. From a Wiki page:

The first short film Henri was a film project by William Braden who was studying at the Seattle Film Institute. Braden was inspired by the American perception on French films viewing them as “very pretentious and self-involved. […] And what could be more self-absorbed and pampered than a house cat?”

Braden wrote the scripts while his mother, who is fluent in French, helped with pronunciations and proper usage.[1] Henri was written, filmed and edited in eleven days.

It’s no so much about a cat, as it is the attitude. Very funny and very short, and – again – get a sip of wine to go with it.

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