PR 101: Don’t make promises that you can’t keep. A broken promise is not good PR.

I love queries; they’re very insightful, and this is one of the most fascinating, yet.

Her QUERY on July 21

Hi Jo,

Hope you are well! As you may know, July 27 marks National Scotch Day – a great excuse for whisky lovers to kick back and celebrate America’s favorite Scottish import!

Why not toast to this occasion with a smoky cocktail twist to spice up your average dram of neat scotch? This year, BLANK SCOTCH COMPANY has mixed up some of its distinct, Islay peat into delicious, easy-sipping cocktails for a warm July day. I have included the recipes below and attached hi-res images for your reference!

Additionally, if you’re planning any Scotch whisky round-ups around the occasion, look no further than BLANK SCOTCH COMPANY. BLANK SCOTCH COMPANY is distilled the same way today as it first was 200 years ago, and its unmatched quality and unique, smoky taste have made BLANK SCOTCH COMPANY a perennial favorite of Scotch lovers across the globe.

I’m happy to share additional imagery or samples if you’d like – looking forward to hearing from you soon!

My RESPONSE on July 21

Hi, Elizabeth. Ordinarily, I’d pass because I’m so crazy busy.

But… I’m descended from the Kings of Scot, gave birth to my first child on a July 27 [National Scotch Day]… And, I’ve NEVER tasted Scotch. If you can get a small sample to me, I’ve got a good story and will bring attention to your client’s scotch.

Her RESPONSE on July 22

Hi Jo,

Thank you for your response!

Unfortunately, we are not sending samples at this time. We appreciate your interest in BLANK SCOTCH COMPANY!


Huh? Why did you query me?

Why did you say “I’m happy to share additional imagery or samples if you’d like…” Yesterday you had samples and today – one day later – you don’t?

The PR lesson

I could have had fun with this; and in many ways, I still am. It’s a classic example of “don’t make promises that you can’t keep.”