Outstanding people and wines… and those behind them are equally vibrant and true.

Kick Ranch Vineyards… Dick Keenan invited all of the wine brands that purchase his grapes, to make their own wines. And, they gathered last Thursday…. Yesterday I wrote:

I just attended a wine tasting at Kick Ranch Vineyard. Owner Richard (Dick) Keenan sells his grapes to many fine wine brands. He’s doing something that’s an almost unheard of thing to do… Disclosing who’s buying his grapes. First and foremost, he’s sharing with other brands; but, also he held a wine tasting, inviting media to come taste all of the wine brands, not just his own. If that isn’t magnanimous enough (because he also makes wine from his own vineyard, so these are competitors), he allowed all of the wine companies to bring any of their “other” wines for tasting, not just Kick Ranch vineyard wines.

Who was there:

Annadel Apsara Aril Winery
Behrens VGS, Chateau Potelle Delectus
Hunnicutt Idle Kale
Overland Paul Hobbs Sanglier
Scherrer Shared Notes Venge

In fairness to all, I wasn’t able to visit with all winemakers and producers, because they were personable and stayed with me until I had enough info, before I was done asking questions. Three wineries really touched my heart, and I was able to get to their souls: Aspara, Behrens, VGS ~ Chateau Potelle, and Overland always has my heart, as I’ve written quite a bit about Dick Keenan, including yesterday’s story. I tasted Dick Sauvignon Blanc and it’s still a delicious wine, just as it was a couple of months ago and as it was last week…

These three wine companies, I’ll be covering in depth in the near future.

  • Apsara
  • Behrens
  • VGTS ~ Chateau Potelle