I’ve been big on posting the latest pitches from those wanting to get inside wine bloggers’ sites with their own plants. Let this one go down historically as the “best yet” for a social media marketing requests… Perhaps “the best ever,” even. They are noticeably evolving in a more sophisticated pitch.

Am I tempted? No… I have a standard TBNT link that I just send to them. The day someone can give me content for what I just experienced as a wine publicist, this blog is out of business as someone is reading my mind, and it won’t be pretty.

So, the pitch becoming more sophisticated:

Hi Jo,

My name is Blah Blah Blah (name changed, of course) and I’m personally reaching out with an invite to join our … platform. We represent some of the webs most talented social media users and bloggers and it is our job is to connect them with awesome brands that pay top dollar for sponsored posts.

I am getting in touch because your social media profile stood out as an exceptional fit our clients and for the campaigns that we have in the pipeline. If you would be interested in forming a relationship and having us send you sponsored post offers, please create an account on our platform then setup your own rates for posts to your different social networks. We work with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Blogs and more.

Once your rates are set-up on the platform, we will act as your online agent, finding and negotiating sponsorship offers that are a good fit for your content and that meet your minimum rates. We are an NYC based agency with many opportunities frequently handed down by the local PR firms and advertising agencies.

Please get in touch if you have any questions and I hope to see you on the platform!

Blah Blah Blah
Influencer Development

Company’s name

Also today, this one arrived; which is more traditional, and these guys obviously need to step up their game…

Good day, our client is interested to place a sponsored post on your website LINK. The article that you will be receiving is relevant to your website’s theme. Also, the link included will be a do follow one, wherein it will point to an authority website as well.

Please advice on price.

Thank You,


No company’s name

 Life marches on in the blogosphere.