Around the Wine World in Seven Days is going to be a celebration of my appreciation for the wine import brands that have discovered and appreciate Wine Blog as a resource.

I’ve always had winged feet. If it’s from somewhere else, I want to explore it all. While my immediate neighborhood has always been import-ant to me, allowing me to grow and get outside of my immediate surroundings, what’s directly under my nose can eventually cause me to become restless. What’s “here” is lovely, and what’s “there” is exciting, mind expanding, and the yang to my yin. If I had to just stay put in one neighborhood, I’d go out of my mind.

Lately I’ve been very busy writing for clients, so samples have piled up, but in a very fascinating way, I recently realized. I have wines from the following countries, as I lined them all up. I’m going to sip, savor, and report my findings; and in all fairness, I’m taking one country at a time, in a seven day period. It will also include some Wine 101 for import brands’ locations.

  1. Chile
  2. Argentina
  3. France
  4. Spain
  5. Germany
  6. Australia
  7. New Zealand

I’m going to write Top 10 Things about each _____ (fill in the blank) country, to go along with my impressions of the wines and their wineries.

Why “Top 10 Things About _____?”

I’ve just finished a huge project for our client, The Rubin Family of Wines. It’s called Wine 101, and you’ll be seeing Wine 101 being offered on the Internet, as an Email, wine educational program. If you click on that series (here), you’ll perhaps learn a bit more about wine… from the vineyards to the glass. I had Winemaker Joe Freeman along with Associate Winemaker and Resident Cooper Ed Morris editing and enriching my original text. That’s now completed, so I can focus on these imports as a new learning curve.

I’m going to make this series – Around the World in Seven Days – similar in style to Wine 101, but not as long as what it took to produce the Wine 101 series. Because of the nature of blogging, I can’t devote the same 90 hours to Around the World in Seven Days….  (Billable versus non-billable hours, it’s called.) Still, the top ten facts about each country, I’d like for it be have some quirky insights, as we explore wines from around the world, starting next Monday, June 29.