Wine writer Dick Rosano has finished writing and has published another wine book. Author of other these previously released wine books:

  • Tuscan Blood: A mystery set at a winery in Tuscany
  • Hunting Truffles:A mystery involving the grant theft of truffles in Alba, Italy
  • Wine Heritage: The Story of Italian-American Vintners

And now, Wine Trivia: In so many words

Dick Rosano, an accomplished mystery writer is a former wine and food columnist  with The Washington Post and Wine Enthusiast. He’s taking a lighter look at wine, in this new collection of quotes and trivia. Dick is known for capturing the spirited thoughts of legendary figures from Leonardo da Vinci to W.C. Fields, from Ecclesiastes to the Talmud. Dick says that “in this book about the high life – and low lifes – of drinking wine, I’ve just published Wine Trivia.

This had to happen, right? And it couldn’t have been released by anyone more deserving.

According to Amazon:

Wine has been made by the world’s great cultures for over 8,000 years and holds a place of honor throughout history. It is celebrated in religious ceremonies and coronations, serves as witness to the blessing of marriages and baptisms. It’s tipped to acknowledge heads of state, smashed to launch ships both large and small, and plays an unforgettable role in cooking. It has inspired poets to dream, clerics to sermonize, and lovers to swoon. Through all time, words have been used to tell the story of wine, to commit it to our collective memory, and to record what it means to our world. These words come from statesmen, kings, and presidents, from actors, poets, and playwrights, and from people of lesser distinction who simply had just the right way to capture the spirit of wine and communicate it to others. Wine Trivia…In So Many Words embraces the best of these phrases and trivia on wine.

Dick Rosano:

In the midst of publishing a series of mysteries set in Italy, some editors encouraged me to publish my vast collection of quotes and trivia about wine. So, to answer that, “Wine Trivia…In So Many Words” was just published and available immediately on With memorable quotes from ancient times to the present, the book is meant to entertain you and bring a smile to your lips.

Dick’s always been a true gentleman and a scholar, and finds time to be an instructor at L’Academie de Cuisine. I’ve read and reviewed Dick’s Wine Heritage: The Story of Italian-American Vintners. I know him to be a really fine writer; he has reviewed many of my clients’ wines through the ages, as well as everyone else’s. It’s an honor to help him promote this book, as well as his others.

Sample from Wine Trivia

In one trial during Prohibition, a Los Angeles jury drank up the evidence to test whether it was alcohol; but without the evidence, the bootlegger was acquitted.


Corks to stopper wine bottles grew in usage in the 18th century, but only after wine lovers could figure out how to design the corkscrews that would let them get access to the contents.


“When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.” Henny Youngman, American entertainer

— I look forward to reading Wine Trivia, perhaps you will, too. It seems like the perfect gift for someone who has a wine library of the other kind — books.