Hello [Jo],

Celebrate National Wine Day on Monday May 25th with ZIOBAFFA! ZIOBAFFA takes pride in authenticity with an attention to detail and quality. It will create an genuine Italian experience, making you feel like a true connoisseur while raising a glass to National Wine Day!

ZIOBAFFA is an organically grown, Italian wine that is handmade by artisans with a focus on traditional and organic production. These wines are made with a Tuscan expertise in concert with a modern eco-friendly ethos. The grapes are organically produced, which makes the wine better for the environment and easier on your system.

Wine is a way of life in Italy. Open a bottle of ZIOBAFFA with close family and friends and enjoy this modern take on an old-world-tradition on National Wine Day!

Please let me know if you are interested in featuring ZIOBAFFA in your roundup’s for National Wine Day! Happy to send you a bottle for tasting.



Hi, Eliza,

They look like they’re having a really great moment. I’m not sure that I’m celebrating National Wine Day.

Eating, sleeping, and drinking the life on a daily basis… my life is already celebrating so much of it, that I need another day in the year just to schedule it in. So, no I won’t be really celebrating any more than I already am. But, I did put your info into a blog post for today.