Variety versus varietal…I think I finally understand it all. This might even be the last time I bring this one up, ever again. The meme below, in this blog post, will just say it all for me, from now on.

The Big Picture

I’m sick to death of wine writers who are constantly defending the use of  “varietal” for “variety.” They’re given ink or digital space, which used to be an authority position. But, now they’re style-based over substance.

Variety versus varietal

University of California at Davis, if you care about precious credential:

  • Variety is a noun.
  • Varietal is an adjective.
  • Example, I love the varietal characteristic of this variety.

It’s that simple.

Instead, these anti write from wrong (no, I didn’t misspell that one) people love to defend the eroding of the English language. Their defense? The English language is constantly evolving and I (and other dinosaurs like me) should get with the program..

Yeah, okay… this list below, I might as well start using all of these errors, too, based on your evolution comments about those of us who choose pedantry over style with this one’s grammar differences.

Supposably, for all intensive purposes and irregardless of past correct English language, I could care less while having my expresso and reading right from wrong any more; pacifically when it comes to the difference between variety and varietal. If continual usage of all constant mistakes means that they’ll eventually become acceptable, you just can’t judge my writing anymore. It’s my new “style,” and style over substance is what you’ve told me is the new norm..  Well, it will, therefore, supposably come around. Then all of these errors below and in this paragraph will be errors no more, so no more correcting. Sooner than later (not on the list, correct would be “sooner rather than later”), all mistakes will no longer exist, and noone (yeah, I always liked it as one word, and love being a trend setter, too) will give a poop.