Viticulture 101 ~ 3

VIT 101: During spring, the color green is bright and vibrant in the vineyards, with all of the new foliage. You can see wine grapes growing in the background of this picture. I took this picture at Concannon Vineyard in Livermore. The reason I chose this image it to show you the juxtaposition of table grapes in the foreground (growing across the arbor) with wine grapes, in the background (the vineyard). Having lunch under this arbor in the summertime is a real treat. Rita Conner, C.j. Tolini, and most especially you, Monique R Dubois. You’re the one, Monique, who lives nearby and may not know about this special place.

VIT 101: Mature tendrils. This is where the vines’ canes are now all headed… Long, slim fingers reaching out to grasp onto something, anything. This picture was taken at Bacigalupi Vineyards last year, during their 50th Anniversary of the Paris Tasting. It was THEIR Chardonnay grapes that Chateau Montelena used to make their famous wine, submitted it, and THEN won the famous Paris Tasting. Tendrils like this, no doubt, had a hand in the process.

VIT 101: Continuing on this concept, this next image in our series proves the point that tendrils are looking for anything to grasp. With a trellis system designed to bring the grapes up away from the ground, the canes can be easily trained. This past week, I saw many instances of crews in the vineyards, now training these vines to go upward onto the next trellis level.

I took this picture at Iron Horse Vineyards’ Earth Day event. The Sterling family has accomplished a lot, as regards making our earth a better place to live. This was my fifth year of attending this spherical day in their vineyards and gardens.