“Why would anyone be turning wine into vinegar?” you might ask.

Sonoma Portworks has the answer and the goods to prove it… And, they’re mighty delicious, so now I know why. Perhaps you will too, someday.

Besides producing completely delicious port-style wines, Sonoma Portworks in Petaluma also produces some really delicious flavors for you to enjoy, beyond wine. Jose and I met with Bill and Caryn Reading, who told us their story; and then we tasted all of their wines, including their Sonomic products. It’s the Sonomic products that I’m going to write about today, because this food item is almost vinegar and almost wine… But it’s not almost delicious… It’s completely and utterly divine, and needs your attention.

As Bill and Caryn assured us… We’ve never tasted anything like it, and we’ve been enjoying it sparingly ever since, because it’s that good. Now, we either have to make a trip back to Petaluma, or just order a case of it to have around. It’s not something you want to be missing from your pantry staples. It’s easily like having salt, pepper, and Sonomic on your kitchen table… It’s that much of a great complement to your best dishes.

What they’ve written about this nectar:

For centuries, the term “balsamic Vinegar” has been used to describe one of the most highly prized liquids in Italy — grape must that has been cooked, then aged until it becomes so sweet, smooth and complex, it can be sipped from a liqueur glass.

On their Website:

Sweet, tart, rich, refreshing, simple, and elegant all at once. Made with Gewurztraminer and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, it’s like nothing you’ve tasted before. We keep our exclusive recipe under wraps.

But our secret is your secret ingredient. Just a sprinkle elevates salad to an impressive culinary treat. A drizzle turns grilled meat into a four-star meal. A splash or two makes club soda into a sophisticated sipper. Sonomic is less acidic than vinegar and richer than balsamic. It’s the secret ingredient that will revolutionize everything from your fruits and veggies to your desserts and drinks.

There are two products… One is red (Cabernet) and the other is white (Gewurztraminer); both are out of this world, and a great addition to the wine world. On a salad? If you use oil and vinegar to control your own spices and flavors that go onto your salads…. You’ve just found gold, baby! More is in our future; and for my friends who love flavors that are clean and refresh your palate, let me know once you’ve walked on the wild side of wine, known as Sonomic