Wine & Sex… A great subject.

PLUS… How many calories in a glass of wine + How many calories in sexual activities

Forget “Lite” wine. Enjoy real wine, know the calories, and know what you have to do to burn them off… Inspired by Dr. Ruth…

The decade: The 1980…

The show: David Letterman, who was still at the NBC studios…

The audience: Jose and Jo Diaz, among others…

Strong memories from the show:

  • The star: Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the sex therapist sensation of the 80s.
    • The little stool that was used to help the diminutive therapist to be able to step up to her seat.
  • The stunt of all stunts: David Letterman, at the end of his show, felt like taking us all to dinner, so he told the audience to get up and follow him. We all went to the cafeteria at NBC studios.
  • Shocked: the cashier, when David said that he was taking his friends to dinner and putting it on his tab.
  • The most shocked: Everyone else at NBC, when they went to the cafeteria to get food to find the place devoid of food that night.

Dr Ruth’s Vin d’Amour

[I wish I knew who to thank for this image. It popped up on Facebook.]

Dr. Ruth believes/knows that it takes more time to arouse a woman’s libido than it does a man’s. (Who doesn’t?) So… she’s created her own aphrodisiac, as well as contributing to the low alcohol wine controversy. Dr. Ruth says that higher alcohol wines cause a woman to fall asleep quicker; and, men just can’t perform when they’ve over indulged.

Oh, dear… As much as I love Dr. Ruth, I’m afraid I can’t endorse her wines, given the story I just wrote: I’ve been thinking about this “Lite Wine for Women,” and I’m not so happy. I won’t be enjoying her, or any other low alcohol wines. I’d rather monitor what I’m eating for lower caloric intake.

And, here’s a common sense idea:

A full glass of wine, followed by a full glass of water, and you’ve sacrificed nothing, plus you’ve hydrated. It’s better than reaching for that second glass, too, before two glasses easily slip into three glasses, slipping into sleepdom…

Bring on wine as nature intended it…

I suggest you create your own L’Amour and burn off those calories…

Here’s a chart for you, for monitoring your caloric intake. It’s also important to know how much exercise you have to do in L’Amour department in order to burn off your daily wine intake, so that chart immediately follows this one.

Starting with wine

Wine Calories (approximates)
Alcohol free wine 40
Rosé 80
Sparkling wines 90
Lite wines 100
Chardonnay 120
Pinot Noir 125
Merlot 125
Pinot Noir 125
Cabernet Sauvignon 125
White Port 175
Red Port 185

Finishing with L’Amour*

Activity Calories (approximates)
Kissing 68 calories per hour
Undressing 8+ calories total
Massaging 80+ per hour
Having sex 144+ per half hour
Giving oral sex 100+ per half hour
Romantic dancing 103 per half hour
Making out 238 per half hour

Now you know what you’ve got to do, when it comes to burning off that wine you just enjoyed. And, remember, according to Dr. Ruth, if you’ve had too much, you won’t be able to perform anything.

*Source: How many calories Does Sex Burn, Woman’s Day, by Sarah Jio: Sarah Jio is the health and fitness blogger for Visit her blog, Vitamin G.

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