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Writing, the lost art

I love writing about wine, but I also just love the exercise of writing.

When I was in elementary school, I learned the Palmer Method. Anyone remember that one? I found that I loved it, because it was so artistic. It was the closest, in Catholic school, that I got to any kind of art program. I have a lot of god-given artistic talents. Writing also became one of them. I feel confident in saying that, because when I hit public school in the eight grade, we had penmanship each morning in home room. My home room and science teacher decided that rather than putting the writing assignment on the blackboard, he’d have me do it for him. I had perfected it with the nuns, being the second-born pleaser that I had become with my nun teachers.

I love handwriting

In high school, I once decided to turn in an assignment that I printed, instead of cursive. It was handed back to me by Miss Dumais, and I was instructed to re-“write” it. Oh, excuse me; I thought the printing was a fun change. Hum… That was the only paper I ever turned in that was printed after that. (Quick study)

My first clue that handwriting might be becoming antiquated is when a teenaged grand daughter asked me to read the letter I had written to her, because she hadn’t learned cursive in school. To be sure, I was taken aback. Good ‘ole California public school education. What in the world were the kids being taught, because I also had to teach her how to read in the third grade. She had cleverly gotten away with not knowing how to read for that long. This was a big fail of her school, but I quickly got her up to speed, once I knew.

Meanwhile, schools are now beginning to completely drop cursive. My nuns are turning in their graves, and I’m beginning to reel, after this recent experience below.

Was he at it again?

For the Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah, we purchase physical tickets for those who are invited to attend. I like hand writing the envelopes to those who have taken us up on the invitation. This year, I got a lot of people telling me that their tickets didn’t yet arrive.

I thought it might be the guy in my Post Office who, a few years ago, stole my son-in-law’s Christmas/Birthday cards with gift certificates in them. Ray was born the day after Christmas, so each year I send him both his Christmas present and his birthday gift. That year, I put each one into a separate card and envelope, but joined in one Priority envelope. And, I then dropped it off at the Post Office, in one of those prepared Priority envelopes with a window. You could see the gift envelopes through the plastic. They should have arrived quickly, but missed both Christmas and his birthday. When they didn’t arrive, I went to Home Depot to cancel the cards, but I was told that they had already been SPENT at the Windsor store. They NEVER left the Post Office. They even had the guy on camera with a big bucket of things he had bought, one by one passing them through check out. (I chose not to prosecute, because his family dynamic would change with a felony offense for the petty theft of $200.)

Now, I was asking myself, “is he stealing tickets?”

Most of the cards returned to me, after the event… “No such person at this address,” they read. What? I asked a few people if they were still at the same address. Yes, they were. What could it be?

Then, it hit me… People are beginning to not read cursive at all.

Are we headed back toward hieroglyphics? What goes around comes back around?

I believe so, especially  with all of the LOLs, IMHO.

What is going to happen to the art of writing and those artists who love the process?  Is writing truly going to become a dying art?

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