One of my bosses turned me onto TBNT… Thanks, but no thanks. I find that I use it a lot (at least in my head) as I read queries regarding my blog.

First of all, if you think my blog is all that and you’re still asking me to write for my blog, you didn’t get very deeply into it.

Let me show you what’s on my Contact/Use page:


Please DON’T contact me to provide me with free writing content.

My blog is my wine journal. If you’re not living inside of my head, and you’re not, I won’t allow for your non-wine client’s like buried inside Wine 101 Basic information, which I’ve already covered. (It’s the buried link to some corporation that I find objectionable, from non wine people.)

  • I only write about what I experience.
  • I also will provide public service announcements for the wine industry.
  • I can’t do anything for something like this one: “I wanted to pass an article by your screen that I think you may find interesting for Wine Blog. ”
    • It’s not going to happen. Save yourself some time.
  • Thank you…

And here’s another thought, no answer is an answer. The following email has inspired this blog, once it became a pressure push.

Hey Jo,

I haven’t heard back from you about the email I sent below. Would love to hear from you to see if you d be interested? I have companies waiting to write for your site who are prepared to pay for each post you publish.

Thanks again.



Hi Jo,

Just a quicky. Your blog excites me! It s a great looking and well kept blog. Unusual these days!

Anyway, I’m part of a team of rockstar bloggers and I blog for lots of brands. We are always on the lookout for good site to guest post and yours fits the bill!

If you are looking for awesome content to excite your readers then we can certainly provide that. We are willing to pay you a $25 contribution fee for every blog of ours you publish on your site which should help towards the cost of running your site.

Here are some examples of what we do. (Not directly related to your blog but will give you an idea).

What do you think? We d love to write regularly.

Emily (last name withheld)

Super Blogger

*** If Emily really were a super blogger, I believe she’d be off and running on her own, already. Nothing against Emily, she trying to make a living. My problem is the industry that’s exploiting her talents at almost nothing per hour for the writers they’ve hired. This, in turn, is costing writers of great talent real job opportunities.