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This E-Mail intrigued me, because in the light of “something new everyday,”  This one was new to me.

And… it was graphic. I’m a visual learner. I can take an image and turn it into my own encyclopedia instantly, instead of reading every word over long periods of time. I get to shoot off and research everything that I’d like to know, in the order that I’m most curious. I enjoy the journey more than the “Are we there, yet?” destination. All while understanding, everything does come in time.

So, the following Email was a total pitch

I hope you are well and had a Happy New Year and a lovely Christmas. My name is Jade and I am contacting you on behalf of Warner Leisure Hotels www.warnerleisurehotels.co.uk

A couple of months ago, I contacted you about a piece of content we had created, The Warner Wine Guide. The guide contained an infographic, which was a beginner’s guide to English and Welsh wines. The main focus of this infographic was to build awareness of what wine to drink with specific foods, wines for your palate, facts, key countries producing wine and the UK’s most notable vineyards. Warner is now looking to develop this infographic, revamp and enhance to create a stronger piece of content and we would love your input. To view the original infographic, please take a look at it here:

We would love to hear your feedback.  We are very interested in your thoughts about the content we have produced to ensure we can create a high quality piece and improve our work. As an expert in the field, do you think we have missed out any crucial information? Do you know any UK vineyards we have missed out that you think are important to include? Do you have any tips for beginners to the wine industry? Anything that you think could improve this piece; we would really appreciate hearing about. Changes will be made and where possible, if you input in improving this piece of content, we will credit you.

I look forward to working with you on this exciting piece

Kind Regards,

Jade Hadden

I curiously had to click on the pdf and what I realized is that I could learn a lot from this one graphic, so it’s worth sharing. I’m giving you the smaller image, so you can see that it’s worth your time and/or interest. Follow to the site for interesting facts like these:

  • There are 448 Commercial Vineyards
  • 89 Hobby vineyard
  • Home grown wine from the UK are known as English of Welsh
  • There are 10 counties that making wine
  • Upcoming events are there for those so inspired to travel to the UK to experience “the moment” of English or Welsh wines.

I have tons of European roots; this could be a very interesting adventure for me. I’ve traced myself back to Charlemagne (I know, so has everyone else with roots from France – I guess he got around), the Kings of Scotland, to the founder of Boston, William Blackstone, to a pioneer who was best known for taming (sorry) the colonies.


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