Once upon a time, Miles learned that we can’t turn back time.

That day was on January 3, 2015.

It was the first day that Miles heard a timer go off, which had been set to 10 minutes.

Nana had bought a timer for Miles,

So that when Mommy said, “It’s 10 minutes before we have to leave Nana’s,”

Miles would begin to understand how much time he really had left.

Miles arrived at noon on Saturday with mommy and daddy.

This was the day to put Christmas away, one more time.

Daddy have given Nana and Grampy an enormous tree as a Christmas gift,

And Daddy wanted to help them take the tree down, too.

Nana greeted Miles, who said to her, “Nana, I missed you.”

Nana said, “I missed you, too, Miles. And, I love you.” Then she kissed him on the cheek.

Everybody, except for Nana and Miles, left the house.

Mommy and Max went shopping.

Daddy was outside helping Grampy cut up the tree for recycling and to leaf blow.

Miles and Nana were left inside the warm house.

Nana noticed that Miles was really interested in the hip hop music

that Grampy had programmed on the TV, for when

Grampy and Nana took all of the ornaments off their tree.

So, Nana started to dance and invited Miles to join her.

Nana did not know what a great dancer Miles is, as they twirled and hopped

and shuffled and boogied.

Nana used to dance with Miles when he was just a baby.

Nana would gently dance him into sleep. But that was a long time ago.

Miles had great moves, because he – too, like Nana – is a free spirit.

After they danced, they put Miles’s yo-yo together.

Before arriving at Nana’s house,

Miles had gone shopping for a birthday gift for his friend’s birthday party the next day.

While shopping, mommy let Miles have a yo-yo of his own, too.

After putting it together, Nana taught Miles how to play with his yo-yo.

“Step One,” said Nana, as she stomped her foot on the floor

And raised her index finger… The first thing to do is to wind up your yo-yo.

Then, they made it go up and down, and spin around, too.

When Miles was done playing with his yo-yo,

Nana asked Miles, “Would you like apple juice or macaroni and cheese?”

“Apple Juice,” Miles said.

Nana announced, “I’ve got to clean the Christmas tree needles from the floor.

Would you like to help, Miles?”

Nana got out the vacuum cleaner and said, “Step One,”

As she raised her finger index finger and stomped her foot on the floor.

“First we have to turn it on.”

Miles was a big helper, Miles did an excellent job with the vacuum.

He picked up every needle he could find on the floor.

Together, they made the room spotless.

Miles said, “Want to watch a movie?”

Nana said, “Let’s watch PeeWee.” (Miles had never seen PeeWee before.)

Miles said, “I don’t want to watch PeeWee.”

Nana said, “But you’ll love PeeWee, Miles. His house is like Nana’s,

Except everything talks… Your mommy watched PeeWee when she was a little girl.”

Miles did love PeeWee, and yelled with Nana when someone said the “secret word” of the day, “house.”

Then Nana said, “You must be hungry, Miles. Did you have any lunch today?”

Would you like some of Nana’s macaroni and cheese?” Miles said yes.

“…Pleazzzze…” he said.

Nana also gave some apple slices to him, while he waited.

As she got ready to cook macaroni and cheese for Miles,

Grampy came in and announced that Miles’s daddy thought they should all have pizza.

Mommy had just come back from shopping, too.

So, Nana gave Miles more apples slices while everyone waited a short time.

Miles and Nana played with Buddy. This was Miles’s first time playing with Nana’s big cat.

Buddy hadn’t let Miles play with him before.

Pizza arrived and everyone ate together in the kitchen.

After lunch, Mommy told Miles, “We have ten minutes before we have to go back home Miles.”

Miles frowned. Nana knew how sad it is for Miles to say goodbye, so she understood.

Nana said, “Oh, look, I have a timer, Miles.” She set it for a few minutes and made the ringer go off.

She wanted Miles to know what it sounded like. Then, Nana set it for real, at 10 minutes.

Nana said, “Com’mon, Miles, let’s go outside and cut some fresh flowers for the kitchen.”

Off they went, and Miles helped to cut the flowers.

But, they still had some time left, so Miles raked a few leaves.

Then, Nana heard Mommy gently call, “The timer went off.”

The timer was in the house, and they were outside. So, Nana went into the house to get it.

She set it back for a couple more minutes, so Miles could hear it go off.

She brought it to Miles and said, “Only a couple more minutes, Miles, see?”

He raked some more leaves and then heard, “Ding, ding, ding, ding…”

Miles didn’t like the dinging, telling him that time was up,

So he picked up the timer and reset it, again.

Nana gently said in a kind voice, “I’m sorry, Miles, but it’s time to go home today,

So you can come back another day. We had a great time today, didn’t we?”

Miles agreed, sadly though, because he couldn’t turn back time.