Throw in some wine, and I’d say I could dissolve my wine publicist job in the blink of an eye, wine being the liquid factor here.

This is what is swimming around in my head today, as I write my journey as a wine publicist… I need to keep myself in balance, on this Eleventh Day of Christmas.

Understanding my position is complicated, I’m sure, because I’m so public.

I’m asked daily for one thing or another, because I’ve got a foot in both the wine writing world and the wine publicist world. My connections are valuable. They’ve also been nurtured over the course of two plus decades. So, that would and does make me a “go to” person for many; some I know, some I don’t know.

And, I’m willing to help… to a point. I find myself not willing to stretch my professional life too far for “free,” though. I just had to write to someone:

As a publicist, I connect my clients to media all of the time, but I’m not comfortable doing this outside of my work realm. Thanks for understanding… I can’t dissolve that part of myself, since I’m not yet retired.

That’s the crux of it. I did write an entire blog post for this same person, who was leading a topic in a conference. It was long,  thoughtful, and took about five hours to accomplish. I’m sure it helped to give credibility to the subject at hand. But, to start to connect media dots, too, steps into my other world and that’s for sale.

After nine years of blogging, I’ve given away a lot of information, advice, and nurturing. But, I can’t give away the best part of what I do… helping my clients to get ahead of the pack.

It isn’t mean spirited, it’s just business… When I do help, it’s because I know both parties well, and I’m willing to connect their dots, too. But, if I don’t know the person well, who is wanting to reach the writer, I can’t recommend what I don’t know, in the event that it might backfire. Then, I’m complicit in what might go wrong.

Will everyone understand? Probably not; but, as I just wrote, it’s just business and I am a business woman. When it’s all said and done, I have to keep myself in balance and reputation protected.

Eleventh Day of Christmas: Eleven pipers piping = eleven faithful Apostles…

And, I do take care of my Apostles.