As I read Robert Parker’s “Best of 2014” in his latest newsletter, it reminded me of how I’ve been handling being “on pointe,” since December 29, 2005. Yes, I’ve been wine blogging since then… and it’s now nine years later. I think I only keep track, because it’s so much writing. I’m going to now stop counting…

Bob wrote the following:

Best of 2014:

Top 3 Get-a-Life Outside of Wine Things of the Year

US NAVY SEAL FOUNDATION fund-raiser at Napa Valley Reserve, Napa Valley

Listening to Lucinda William’s new double CD – “Where the spirit meets the bone”

Watching the FX series – THE BRIDGE

Robert Parker

For many of us, Robert Parker has been a hero, inspiring us to also write about our wine passions. He’s an icon and good on the Chinese for respecting their elders… It’s a manifestation of a collective society, to honor age. That’s something that I sometimes miss in our individualistic society. As my father beat into me that I should respect my elders, I did get it, even though the method was quite extreme. Now, I’m an elder, and I can’t help but wonder… And I have lots of things rattling around my brain for what went wrong, including un-monitored television as the age of visual violence has increased to epic proportions.

Meanwhile, I respect my fellow elder, Robert M. Parker, Jr. I don’t have to enjoy every wine that he does to respect the man who paved the way for me. I do, however, enjoy that our thinking is about the same in many ways, including… Have a life outside of wine…

I began Wine-Blog on December 29, 2005. Jose asked me the focus at the time, and I told him I’d be journaling. That’s all I’ve done since then.  Jose continues to chuckle at my off-the-way presentation of “Juicy Tales.” He knows that he never knows what’s going to be a topic. For me, I’m in the wine business, I have to even be thinking about it in my sleep; so if I go off pointe, I’m still “on pointe.”

My wine blog was always intended to be my journal as a wine publicist…

  • It’s not about being a wine critic
  • It’s not about favoring my wine clients (although they do seep into my stories – because it’s a public journal)
  • It has no singular focus (other than being the journal of a wine publicist)


And there’s my hero, Robert Parker, advising others that there’s life beyond wine. (Thanks, Bob, you’ve taken that important step to guide people to also have “other” passions.)

Another devotion of mine, since I began to have children, is writing things for them, like stories, rhymes, etc.; although, I should have written a whole lot more, but I was busy wiping noses. The joy of being a grandmother is that I don’t have to wipe as many noses as I used to, and the writing has increased.

So, following in Robert Parker’s footsteps:

Best of 2014:

Top 3 Get-a-Life Outside of Wine Things of the Year

Taking four children to the San Francisco Ballet’s December performance of the Nutcracker, in two separate trips this year; three of whom were seeing it for their very first time.

Watching Showtime’s series “Homeland”

Getting back into a gym

And… Today is the Sixth Day of Christmas

Sixth Day of Christmas: Six geese a-laying stood = six days of creation.