I was just reminded that “wine is a civilizing beverage” as I tasted through some wines of Turkey. This was my very first introduction to Turkish wines. What it also did was unite me with a person whom I didn’t know, because I had written about the wines of his native homeland – Turkey. His name is Gence Alton, and he’s a neighbor, living in Santa Rosa, California. Who knew?

A bit about Gence:

My blog posting struck a chord, which struck up a conversation on Facebook, when I posted the following:

I love my job… I got to taste wines of Turkey for the very first time. They have a purity of flavors about them that’s very interesting… https://www.wine-blog.org/index.php/…/12/12/wines-of-turkey/…

These are our very important thoughts,

which related to world peace.

Gence Alton:

Great piece Jo, I thank you on behalf of my entire country!

Jo Diaz:

Well, that’s wonderful, Gence. It was a wonderful experience and an honor.

Gence Alton:

With all the adversity these days we need all the support we can get, our wines need the rest of the world to discover them to survive, a bitter fact.

Jo Diaz:

Yes, I thought about that as I was blogging… Wine is a great unifier, a civilizing beverage. People do not represent their governments, I’ve come to learn. I am horrified by the things my government does, in the name of all American people. It isn’t easy to pick up everything and just move to another country… Not when you have generations of history, children, grandchildren etc.

I also learned about life a very long time ago: “Life is full of war, famine, and pestilence. It’s my job to find my own happiness, regardless.”

My husband’s words of wisdom to me: “Worry about the things you can control.” I think this is about he same assessment. I love people of all places in the world. If they produce wines, that’s what easily speaks to me… It’s civilizing.

How anyone could not see the  colors of our diverse civilization as being beautiful is just beyond my comprehension.