1000 Corks

  1. Does anyone need or want 1,000 corks? I’ve just emptied a wine barrel with over 3,000 corks and don’t want to just throw them away. If you pay for shipping for 1,000 of them, I’ll send them to you.
  2. 1,000 corks, the Website


1000 Corks, the offer

Please email me: jo@diaz-communications.com

1000 Corks, the Website

where you buy and search wine

I was asked by Sam Ockman on Facebook:
“I was thinking about doing a little bit of p.r. push right now because it’s right before Christmas for 1000 Corks. But I’m not sure who to even try and pitch it to. I figured since you’re the expert maybe you’d know.”

I responded: “What exactly are you wanting to pitch? The Website and getting stories about you?”

Sam got back with the following:

“Just the idea that if you’re looking for a specific bottle of liquor or wine, there’s a search engine that will find it for you at the best price.
“1000 Corks is a wine and spirit search engine. It’s a passion project to keep track of the inventory of every wine and liquor store in the United States.

“A user can search for their favorite wine or spirit and find the best price. Or they can find where to buy it locally.

“Our goal is to be better than wine-searcher, while being completely free.  Wine-Searcher wants $43 for the professional version for a year, and we’d rather you take that $43 and spend it on a great bottle of wine.

“We think our underlying technology is better because we crawl every site, and never rely on outdated feeds provided by merchants.

“We invite you to try out our search engine by searching for your favorite wine or spirit. And let us know how we can improve.”

1000 corks.com

So, I got personal, with this question… Always fun to learn a bit more about someone…

“What got you started with 1000 corks, the driving force behind the effort?”

1) What got me started is actually answered here: http://1000corks.com/history

2) Driving force:  At this point the technology is really fun. Crawling 650 wine stores is sort of like doing a miniature implementation of Google. You have many of the same programming challenges, but it can be done with a really small team. And it can be really fun when I hear about a wine that I want to buy, and I use 1000 Corks to find it. I feel a sense of pride, like, “I made that”.