How do you feel about the weight of wine bottles these days?

I know of one wine writer who, when the bottles began to take on the “Big Boy” effect, had serious issues right away. It’s only been within the last 10 years that wine bottles have put on the extra pounds…

As part of the fattening of America, they’ve been super-sized.

Are you impressed?

Do you pick up a wine bottle from a shelf, and make a decision based on the complete packaging, including that the wine bottle, combined with the wine within it, now weighs five pounds?

When I first started working at Belvedere Winery, a case of wine was 36 pounds. (Each bottle filled with wine weighed three pounds, times 12 bottles in the case.) When we shipped the wine, we automatically put the weight down as 36 pounds. Some marketing department must have decided that it wanted its brand to take on a new and improved persona, I’m thinking. I would begin with the wine (hopefully), and end with the bottle… Now, a case of wine can weigh up to 50 pounds. That means that each bottle became 1.16666666666666 times heavier.

But I’m still back to what’s in the bottle, not the bottle itself, having the quality that I’d like to enjoy. I’d rather have the extra dollars it takes to make quality of the wine be the real consideration. Does it take a “complete package” to sell you, though, on the quality of the wine within?

How do you feel about this issue? I’d really like to hear your pros and cons. Are you into the sustainability movement, which prefers that all things in life, including creating a bottle that uses less energy to create, and takes less energy to haul across country in 18-wheelers, be more environmentally conscious. Or do you see the heavier bottles and believe that what’s inside must be of a higher quality?