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Still blogging after all these years

What does a wine blogger do on her time “off.” Hum… Still writing, when so much else has to get done, but the focus has greatly shifted…

And, it’s not about wine.

It’s come to writing children’s stories for my grandchildren. It slowly started years ago, with my two first grandsons Jonathan and Nate, given to me by my Katie and her (our) Ray. And then the Chloe Clo, my natural granddaughter, given to me by my Heather. Chloe and her new siblings have been inspiring me, but always the writing about wine won over and the dream of children’s story kept simmering. Sometimes an occasional eruption would spew forth, but the lava was flowing forward, but in a very slow way.

I’ve also become inspired by one of the most amazing men that I’ve had the pleasure to have in my life, because he’s so inspirational. In a moment when we were talking, he told me that when he had his heart attack, and his son saved his life, he made some promises to himself, which he’s kept. That promise was to write to his grandchild every weekend since. He’s kept him promise and it’s been years of writing to her. Please understand this is a very busy man… A very, very busy man, and yet his family is first and foremost. His words are a good reminder for me of what’s the most important in life… And, the little children have always been my real number one. If I told you that I was the director of a Girl Scout Day Camp, would that help you to understand how much I love children?

When they come from you, they’re wonderful.

When they come from your children, they’re grand, and that’s why we call them that, if anybody ever asks you…

This year, it’s become more important to take care of some family writing, along with the needs of others. Such a gift to give these A-list people, some stories of their very own, where they’ve become the stars… And…

Then they gave the greatest gift of all to me…

The words that would inspire the story just for them.

  • Let’s go knit nets while we’re eating nuts
  • My Mommy is a Monster
  • Evelyn’s Popsicle Fairies
  • Nana, What Time is X O’Clock
  • Astrid’s First Birthday (Okay, she didn’t give these words, but the rest came right out of the kids mouths.)

And, the stories have been flowing with future projects in my mind… Some wine along with it, not always, though… It’s a mood thing, the time of day, the amount of light, the quietude of the weekend to do a really fun craft. The craft of words for the children that I hold most dear… My inner circle of youth.


So, this is my story for today, I’m still blogging about being a wine publicist… But, I’m the one who is also beginning to find stories for children about themselves to be an outstanding gift… And, I’m doing it all from the heart of wine country in California.

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