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Stiletto Wine ~ The making of a wine brand

Stiletto Wines is brought to us by Middleton Family Wines. Middleton is based in Washington State, and these wines have been carefully selected and imported from Sicily.

Four generations of family have been contributing to this company. According to them, “Our family has been working the land since 1898, when we started a lumber business in Aberdeen, on the coast of Washington State. We began with lumber and forestry, and have thoughtfully and gradually expanded our family business to include table grapes, wine grapes, and wine.”


Stilettos are tiny stilts in my world… the miniature of stilts for many young women who wear them almost everyday. Something that I’ll not be wearing in this lifetime, because my days of provocative fashion are well over. I left that and the cat walk behind in 1969, when modeling was no longer important to me… I had come to age in my own world when I didn’t need any more props, like stilts. I can, however, still remember how important props were to me and the thrill of being at the height of fashion (as one chosen to walk a ramp with the latest styles), when it was my time to do it right.

Now, I look at young women in stiletto shoes and marvel at a few things:

  • How the heck they can balance themselves, while on the dance floor
  • The size of the platforms that supports their bodies
  • The ultimate lift of today’s shoes
  • And no one has considered their skeletal systems; or maybe someone has, like a chiropractor or a neurosurgeon, dreaming about future patients.

Meanwhile, these young women in stilettos look great… they really do.

Now, imagine sitting around and wanting to start a wine line. You have to think of a name and what you have to consider in the process.

Stiletto Wines

What’s the back story

  • is there a family behind this wine ~ the Middleton Family
  • what’s the region of origin ~ Sicily
  • is it domestic or imported ~ imported

What names

  • aren’t taken ~ Stiletto:
  • will attract ~ both men and women for the obvious reasons
  • are emotive ~ Very… I gave you a story about Stiletto, without even trying

What color packaging

  • Stiletto Wines matches with what variety
    • Yellow with Moscato
    • Green with Pinot Grigio
    • Red with Rosso (red wine)

The Middleton family was approached by two Ruffino veterans Michael Truffini and Alessandro Costantini. At first the Middleton family said TBNT (thanks, but no thanks). The Ruffino vets asked the Middleton Wines family to take a closer look, so, as a courtesy they did. And, what they found changed their minds:

  • Sicily is very quickly becoming the next bet thing from Italy. (Opportunity)
  • The wines offer top quality and great value. (Opportunity)
  • They also found that their distributor partner’s books had few if any Sicilian wines (Opportunity)
  • Substantive winery partner: Cantine Ermes is Sicily’s 2nd largest winery (Opportunity)
  • All-occasion wines: lower alcohol, fresh and fruity, to match today’s to cuisine (Opportunity)

On closer look, this appeared to be a win-win, so the family has gone with it, and the suggested retail is only $9.99 a bottle. This is a price that anyone can get behind, if the wines are worth it?

Are they? Oh, yes…

  • 2012 Stiletto Moscato
    • Typical orange blossoms and white peach flavors, being a southern Italian wine, expect it to also have subtle tropical flavors of pineapple and a hint of banana.
  • 2012 Stiletto Pinot Grigio
    • Citrus and pears mark this wine with distinction… Along with floral notes.
  • 2013 Stiletto Rosso
    • Juicy, ruby red berries, with a medium smooth finish… with the “medium” being attributed to the length of the finish, as tannins don’t dominate… silky fruit does.

Disclaimer: Middleton Family of Wines is one of our Diaz Communications clients. We don’t, however, take on clients without approving of their products and integrity of the people with whom we work, first and foremost. I would highly recommend this wine regardless of the company being a client or not.


4 Responses to “Stiletto Wine ~ The making of a wine brand”

  1. Ron says:

    How can I get some?

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    I would contact Middleton Wines, Ron.

  3. Kim says:

    I love the Stiletto Rossi but was only able to find it in one restaurant in my area, they stopped carrying it about 6months ago. Is this still being made? If so, where can I purchase some?

  4. Jo Diaz says:


    When a wine disappears from a restaurant, it’s sometimes because the wine buyer got a better deal from another supplier…. It may it also be discontinued by the winery. Not sure…

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