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Slogging along in the wine blogging world

My friend Steve Heimoff just wrote: Wine bloggers: Blogging, or slogging?

Well, this week it’s more like slogging for me, versus wine blogging. I’ve actually not posted anything since this past Tuesday, and today is Friday.


Life has just taken over. Wines to taste, wine competition forms to fill out, reports to write, bookkeeping balance sheets to reconcile in preparation for a PS I Love You’s board of directors meeting next week, wine sample requests to fill out, media to contact, updating their moves so that wine doesn’t get lost, delivering wine, meetings in the field, queries to answer, connections to be made, label insertion orders… There are a lot of balls in the air for this week.

In December in 2005, I wrote my first blog post, after much thought, planning, and executing. That was almost nine years ago. I never knew or could foresee that nine years later, I’d still be wine blogging about my wine career. As it turns out, for this week especially, I’m focused on getting caught up. Consequently, my blog hasn’t been a driving priority. So, yes, Steve, I guess I’m just slogging along.

In this year, I pulled off another Dark & Delicious wine and food event for PS I Love You, and managed the group. Held an annual picnic for our volunteers with Kent Rosenblum in his Sonoma County vineyard. I’ve all but completed a wine related book. I had a family of four move in with us for a time, while they secured a new house out of state; and then my daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren moved to another state (a flight from here). We had our $70,000 house flood (just giving you the cost so you’ll understand the enormity of the calamity). We had to move out of the house for repairs, after everything was packed out of here, then brought back after repairs were complete… I’ve still not unpacked about 90 percent of our things, because I’m liking the white space and may just throw blankets over the cardboard boxes… All while making every effort to carry on without hiccups… and also blog.

In the middle of this, Tom Wark, who is a dear friend, wrote the following to me:


Great work


Every day I wake up at 5am to take care of our new little Henry. I sit down at the kitchen table with coffee. Sometimes Henry is sitting up in my lap watching the computer screen with me. Sometimes he’s in his little rocker. No matter what, however, there is your daily post. Always.

Just writing to say that your consistency and quality of your writing is inspiriting and I look forward to it every day.



It’s tough to be “up” in spirits every single Monday through Friday for nearly nine years. Sometimes I’ve just been really tired, but I’ve slogged along (good way to think about it, Steve). Sometimes I’m so energized that the words just pour out… especially if it’s something for which I’m truly passionate. But mostly, it’s just part of who I’ve become and what I do to keep all of the balls in the air, and I wouldn’t have it any other way… Blogging or slogging, it’s all regarding writing about a day in the life of a wine publicist and the things that I must and do face.

Happy Friday. Let’s get out there and make something happen!

P.S. This weekend, I’m going to be writing about Popsicle fairies for my granddaughter. She gave me the inspiration; I’ll give her the book. Did I mention, this will be my fourth children’s book this year.

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