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This is NOT like one-of those foreign-emails you probably get

A day in the life of a wine publicist…


I came across-your contact over the-web and wanted to-share a brief note. I think a few-changes, aesthetically and/or SEO-wise, can make your site-convert more-visitors into leads-and also get it placed-higher in the organic search-results, for a few of the select terms.

(Search-Engine-Optimization is the-process of affecting the visibility of a-website or a web-page in a search-engine’s “natural” or un-paid “organic” search-results)

This is NOT like one-of those foreign-emails you probably get in your-inbox every day. Just to be-upfront, I have a full-fledged team for Web-Development-&-SEO.

I would just-need to know-which (if not both) services-you’re open to checking out-information about, either web-design or-SEO. Would you be-open to seeing more-brief info / quote for what-I would like to accomplish?

Thanks & regards,

Bili Bientu | Director

Hong Kong | China | Australia | New Zealand | US

Well, Bili, I hate to tell you; however, it is like the foreign Emails I get every day. The difference, and I’ll give it to you, is the amount of hyphens you’ve used. I wonder if I could help you with English writing and punctuation? I’m also for hire as a wine publicist.

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