Chateaux du Bolet…

I have a wine friend who’s equally fascinated with the television show called Scandal. Her website is called  Grapefriend, and Jose just found her for me, in a very amusing way, as I was contemplating another blog about this show.

We were watching and enjoying Scandal. As the new Season 4 opens, the main character Olivia Pope is embroiled in a love affair on a far away island, 100 miles off the coast of Zanzibar and having also assumed a new name. Each segment of this program, wine is also involved. Olivia and her lover have just received a delivery of goods, which includes some Châteaux Du Bolet or Châteaux Dubolet. Who knows which way it’s spelled?” The bottom line is that the show has done a great job making up a french Châteaux and its wine.

The gist of the wine is that it’s a rare 1994, only 100 bottles exist as being bottled, and Olivia is now the proud owner of five of those bottles. It could be a Burgundy or a Rhône, because of the bottle shape.  Olivia has spent three former seasons always drinking from a Bordeaux bottle with her wine being in a Burgundy glass.

No wine consultant is on the set is the most logical conclusion… Someone making set decisions and loving the large globe, but never having experienced wine glasses 101.

Please don’t judge this as wine snobbery, it’s not. It’s just understanding the difference between one object and the next… Like a dinner and a salad fork. Most of us know that the small one is the salad fork, the large one is for entrees. It’s like that.

So, to have watched three seasons of someone enjoying wine with a miss matched continuum, and to see us getting closer to the real deal, is helping to solve that real (wine) Scandal.

My first story about this faux pas: The real wine scandal in the hit TV show “Scandal”

The real wine scandal in the hit TV show “Scandal” is the way Olivia Pope holds that Burgundy glass drinking her Bordeaux wine… and when it happens.

Just my observations… The glass has a super long stem, so I put this on Facebook on March 14. I had to go back to check, because I got a great answer from Mary Cressler.

I wrote:

Okay, I have a love/hate relationship with the show “Scandal.” The intrigue, I love. The fast talking is like a bad Seinfeld episode… Not to mention the way Olivia Pope holds her Burgundy glass, slugging down Bordeaux. Yeah, check out the red wine bottles she always pouring her wine from… To suggest that she’s a wine connoisseur, she missed wine components 101… No one holds the glass that way, girl friend, except me 25 years ago.

Mary Cressler, founder of Vindulge:

You mean THIS glass? Burgundy glass.

Yeah, that’s so it. I’d love to see a more positive reason for having wine on this program… They do occasionally portray this character dining with her father and she’s having wine. I’d prefer to not seeing wine primarily used at the end of each day to swig away her stress.

Just me and my humble opinion. We, as an industry, have spent so much time trying to elevate wine from something that M.A.D.D is furious about, to something that’s an everyday beverage to be enjoyed in a way that complements foods and/or with friends, family, good food, and great times.

I believe this show is doing wine a bit of an injustice; otherwise, I love the program.

UPDATE, October 28, 2014: Even Eric Asimov of the New York Times thinks so. I think we’ve discovered something here… We just all have to come together on the correct spelling of this imaginary wine. Is it Chateau Dubolet, Chateaux Du Bolet, or du Bellay?

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