Robert Parker is slowly fading into the sunset… Yeah, right!  And, I mean… right…. but wait to find out what I mean…

Once upon a time, I was raised on Sabattus Lake in the summers of my youth. I remember watching sunsets across a lake that is five miles long and one mile wide… I was watching the sun go down, just one short mile from where I would sit on the beach. I remember the aromas of the water and the water plants, the sound of the lapping lake against the shoreline, and the shimmer of light that played upon the water. I got to wondering and I asked my mother, “Mom, where is the sun going when it goes down behind the hill over there?”

She answered, “China.”

In my finite wisdom, I thought to myself, “Wow, all I have to do is cross the lake and go to the other side of the hill.”

Pretty easy, huh? I might have been five or six at the time.

Today, I got to thinking about something I recently heard, “Robert Parker is fading into the sunset.”

And I thought, how right you are, right into China.

Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown show on China… “China bought two billion bottles of red wine last year. Bordeaux is now looking at China to set their prices.”

I immediately though of my youth and realized what a great title and story this would be… Robert Parker is slowly fading into the sunset, when you realize that he has Chinese partners, you just have to get it. The people of China are enthralled with Robert Parker. Unlike our culture, which is so willing to also throw out our elders (not just the babies) with the bath water, the Chinese culture is a reverse of ours. It has long revered its elders; i.e., those who have come before them, for their knowledge, dignity, and connections.

So, it’s very appropriate that this was his next move to expand his writer base and join forces with a huge emerging wine population. In this regard, Robert Parker saw the opportunity as an early adopter of the Chinese wine market.

Any of my professional dealings with Mr. Parker (20+ years) have left me feeling really great about the man who rose to prominence with his tasting reviews. Granted, all reviews are subjective to the person’s palate; but, his was good enough to have him reach a pinnacle that very few others have even come close to. It’s entirely possible that with social media Robert Parker’s seat will never be replaced, in fact, I think it won’t.

Example: There are many vintners in the world. Some we remember, some we don’t. However, if I said Robert Mondavi, you’d know that he cannot be compared to anyone else.

If you don’t believe that Robert Parker has grand respect, go over the hill, into the sunset, and mention Robert Parker. There’s an entirely new country enamored with the man, where the sunset now also rises…