istockphoto is done for bloggers who can’t afford their new pricing structure.  One image for one blog post is now $36. Huh? If I wanted five, one for each day of the week, my blog now costs me $180 for that week… or $9,360 a  year? My blog, according to, is only worth $$3,718.

I thought blogging was about freedom of thought? Okay, I pay for hosting, a domain name, etc. These things are incidentals. But $9,360 just to make my site more attractive?

For those of use who have been using iStockphoto in order to avoid plagiarism, they’re now offering Getty images as the alternative. Getty bought out iStock, and I wondered how long it would take for corporate to take over. Today’s the day…

For those of us who don’t want our pure sites littered with Getty’s invasive advertisers dumped into our blog posts, this isn’t an option, it’s a corporate intrusion.

I  remember well what I learned in HTML class… Nothing on the Internet is free. It all has a price attached to it.

Here’s why I find that Getty is not an option for me: From a story on The Verge, written by Russell Brandom and entitled, “The world’s largest photo service just made its pictures free to use,” on March 5, 2014.

The new money comes because, once the images are embedded, Getty has much more control over the images. The new embeds are built on the same iframe code that lets you embed a tweet or a YouTube video, which means the company can use embeds to plant ads or collect user information. “We’ve certainly thought about it, whether it’s data or it’s advertising,” Peters [a business development exec at Getty Images] says, even if those features aren’t part of the initial rollout.

Yeah, okay… the initial rollout is code for, “the future of Getty’s ‘free’ program.”

If we’re blogging, we’re not getting paid for billable hours, are we? Even if I’m writing about my clients, and I DO, I  don’t put that into billable hours.

  • To afford these prices, we have to be independently wealthy.
  • To avoid what Getty is doing with “embedded images,” we have to be willing to give our sites over to future advertisers.

The alternative great resource for reasonably priced images? This image was my first download… I searched on “joy.” Joy for getting a better deal, I signed up for a year for less than iStock’s $108.25 monthly ($1299 for a year, versus $99 for an entire year with Dollar Photo Club). Oh Joy, right?

Dollar Photo Club

Meanwhile, where to buy images that won’t be embedding future advertising into your blog post: The Dollar Photo Club.

  • It’s only $10.00 per month, or $99 for the entire year.
  • Each new photo is only $1.00 more.

I’m going to be spending a whole lot less in the long run, so this change just helped me; it didn’t hurt me, as I initially thought it would. I immediately search for the alternative.

What a relief for all of us who are blogging and not filling our blog posts with advertisers… most specifically if THEY’RE making money on our content, but not sharing that with us… Proving nothing is for free, n’est pas?

Live Chat with iStockphoto

The following is my Live Chat with iStockphoto this morning, which is worth sharing, so you don’t have to also try to navigate through what you now can and can’t afford for your blog post, in order to avoid plagiarizing.

Live Chat: Thank you for choosing iStockphoto. A representative will be with you shortly.

Live Chat: You are now chatting with Flavia.

jo diaz: You guys have sadly just out priced bloggers, who are trying to do the right things, by not plagiarizing images. So sad…

Flavia: Hi there

Flavia: I understand, this is a pretty big change to how our site works.

Flavia: We are simplifying our credit system so that you can choose the file size based on the need of your project, not the price.

Flavia: You’ll now have the freedom to download files at high-res for use in future projects.

jo diaz: Yup… Sorry, it will only be a great blog story for me, nothing more. You just missed the point… No [one] pays blogger to write anything, so to have to have an image that’s going to cost a professional amount attached to it makes what you’ve done to so many people [impossible]… But, I’ll have fun writing about it. That’s about it.

Flavia: You can buy a subscription

jo diaz: And, your system is not simplified, it actually become exclusionary. You must have so many corporate buyers that you don’t need the blogging community.

Flavia: I just talked to my manager here and she gave me this link that is great for bloggers like you


Flavia: you will be able to use Getty images photos by only embedding them to your blog

Flavia: for free

jo diaz: Yeah, I remember reading about that one. We have to allow Getty to have links on our sites in order to use them, and those links will be advertising links… A very invasive way for us and very advantageous for you guys to capture the advertising market. It’s a very interesting change, but not one that I’ll use. Thankfully, I’m also a photographer; so, I – and many others – will be going our own way. An interesting juxtaposition for sure.

Flavia: I appreciated talking to you today and I will definitely pass on your feedback.

Flavia: Have a great weekend!

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As I tried to comment:

You are not currently connected to a chat representative.

You are not currently connected to a chat representative.

Yup, Flavia hung up on me.