Free wine writing, does this happen anymore?

When wine blogging first got going, I got emails like this a lot, as a sign of the times… Bloggers wanting their names to become associated with wine sites, and they were willing to give away their content to build their credibility.

I’m not willing to write for free, except on my wine blog, as it turns out…It’s my wine career journal, for the most part. I’m not an armchair hobbyist; although, my wine blog is a hobby, because no one is paying me when I’m putting something onto my blog.

I usually write about wines, because they’re sent to me; but, rarely writing about wines that I work with. The reason I don’t write much about clients’ wines is because – even though  they’re great wines – it will seem biased.

Honestly, if the wine is crappy, I’m not going to be the publicist who will take on anything. If I don’t believe in something, I can’t advocate for it.

And, most importantly (thanks, Mort), I write about wine all day long, not just on my blog. I’m a wine professional (over two decades of writing about wine for private companies, and I’m paid pretty well). I’m not a newbie trying to prove myself. There’s too much history wrapped-up in what’s on my plate and how it got there. It’s free on my wine-blog.

While I don’t mind being aggregated, I’m just too busy to take on writing assignments as a hobby. I guess I have to state that more clearly on my Contact/Use page.

Here’s a classic example, for those of you looking for free content to enrich your sites.

Just aggregate…

Hi Jo,
We’re an internet wine retailer located in name-the-state. We’re in the process of restructuring our website to add some extra features. One of these new features will be a section devoted to Wine Blogs. I’d like to know if you’d be interested in either being a regular contributor to our blog section, or as an occasional guest blogger. We’re looking to build a solid following with contributing writers and share their ideas and opinions with our customer base. As far as content and how often you would like to submit an article, that is entirely up to you. With what we have going now, the product reviews and food pairings seem to be the most liked, but we would like to also expand on the topics a bit more. Any work submitted would immediately be posted to our blog section, as well as posted to all of our social media. Included would also be a link back to and a link to your “about” page. Please feel free to respond to this email at your earliest convenience, so we can discuss the steps to go through to make this happen.

Just aggregate, people. It’s pretty painless.