This is a public service announcement (PSA) from the Napa Valley office of Wine Spectator

You know how you ask, “What can I do to help?” Yeah… it’s one of those moments.


I just received this Email and know its importance, as I have samples that I’d like to send in this direction. As a result, I understand how important it is, in this time of turmoil.

Perhaps having our $70,000 house flood on July  8, was in preparation for me to have that side of empathy that I’m now feeling, as everyone faces cleanup and re-construction. (Our house flood allowed just under 3000 gallons of water to escape onto our second floor bathroom, and travel down into our laundry room, then out into our garage. That equates to 74 bathtubs full of water to be dumped into that one room, and down into another… It’s now three months later, and we’re still trying to resolve the catastrophe; ergo, I’m here to help.)


From Wine Spectator:


Like a lot of businesses in downtown Napa, our office was affected by the earthquake. As we work on cleaning up and getting the office back in order, we ask that you stop sending us samples. When we are ready to receive them again, we’ll send another notice out.

All samples that are shipped from today forward will be automatically returned to sender. We cannot take any responsibility for samples sent to us during this hiatus.

This includes any wines we may have solicited directly for reports we have been working on. When we hit unpause, we will notify you of any new deadlines.

Thank you for your help, good luck with harvest, and best wishes to everyone.

-Wine Spectator Napa Tasting Office

This image was on Wine Spectator’s site, illustrating a story written by MaryAnn Worobiec. It was taken by my good friend Dave Pramuk, partner with Robert Biale at Robert Biale Vineyards… Just a few weeks ago, I was telling Dave the tales of my own woes. Now, there are just too many of us.

Hold your samples, and when I hear otherwise, I’ll post on this blog. Thanks.