Napa Valley Earthquake: Not too shaken, just a little stirred in Sonoma County

A terrible pun, I know, but actually very true, about this Napa Valley earthquake, as it relates to outlying regions.

Our hearts go out to all of the wine companies, their owners, and their employees, whose lives just got turned upside down. this is PR pro Mia Malm’s office. While This is an office pick-up, the outside of Mia’s building has a different story.

See the image below of her office building. Restoration is now in the building’s future.

As we watch while people share their stories on Facebook their devastation, I feel really connected. Everyone is ahead of any news sources, because it’s impossible for local news to be everywhere at this point in time. There’s just too much that’s gone wrong to record, too; most especially for the human element that this represents. For posterity’s sake, I’m going to show you some of the images that people are willing to share on Wine-Blog.

Having just experiences what’s turned out to be a $70,000 internal house flood, I’m feeling the angst for anyone affected, for the long run of it all.

I just did the math on how much water damage we had from the broken pipe upstairs in the guest bathroom. We lost just under 3,000 gallons of water. It takes about 42 gallons of water to fill a bath tub… So, we had over 71 bathtubs full of water flood the floor, come down into our laundry room through the walls, ceilings, air duct, and floors,  etc.

It’s going to be a big mess for a long time for Napa vintners, complicated by harvest needs. Everyone is so focused on harvest, and yet, it must be managed all at the same time. I’m sure of this, as I try to continue to balance life in the midst of our huge mess.

I asked on Facebook who felt the 3:30 a.m. Napa Valley earthquake shaking. The range was far and wide:

  • South Coastal
    • Carmel
    • Santa Cruz Mountains
  • South Bay and coastal
    • Morgan Hill
    • South San Jose
    • North Beach, which is the northeastern part of San Francisco a few blocks from Fisherman’s Wharf
      Southern part of SF
    • Very strong in Oakland. Gus (the dog) was panicked.
  • East of Napa
    • Fairfield
  • Northeast of Napa
    • Lake County
  •  Napa (of course)
    • Aratas Wine: Downtown is pretty bad. Mike says tanks at the winery just split right open.
  • North of Napa
    • San Rafael and the hills of San Rafael (west of Napa
    • Sonoma
    • Petaluma
    • Windsor
    • Geyserville
    • Cloverdale

In Napa, how Robert Rollett of RJR Enterprises home was devastated. Caption: Stuff on top shelf of book case on floor…thirty pound speakers ended up eight feet away…old tv and TV stand moved 8″ from normal position…

Mia Malm: My office is trashed. Don’t know if the building will be cleared for occupancy. We’ll see. Right now there is a lot of danger of falling bricks. Amazingly, the wine gods kept every bottle intact although there is some dented capsule damage. From Mia to me: Nobody has earthquake insurance, it’s too expensive. Sure you can share it if it helps your story. My stuff is mostly ok, just a mess.

This is the rippling effect…. First devastation, then recreation, which doesn’t happen overnight.

With Mia’s building looking like this, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will be allowed into the building for a while, lest any brinks fall on anyone in the process.

Another PR professional’s office is Lisa Adams Walter. She writes: My totally trashed office in downtown #Napa

Carole Meredith of Co Owner at Lagier Meredith Vineyard, shared storage warehouse, where thousands of barrels of wine are stored.”

A glimpse into what people in Napa are now facing…

This is a stainless steel tank for wine, not a soda can without a logo, at the Hess Collection.

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  1. Ron Saikowski says:

    Prayers going out to my winery friends!

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    Yes, indeed. This is the worst time for something like this, Ron, as you know.

  3. Don Phelps says:

    Everyone can be thankful it did not happen at 3:30 PM when the wineries, offices and streets would have been full of people

  4. Jo says:

    I hadn’t thought of it this way, but you are so right, Don.

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