Just another day in the life of a wine publicist…

The US Trade & Commerce Research Institute

Yay… we’ve won an award for excellence in market from the The US Trade & Commerce Research Institute (USTCRI)… “a leading authority on researching, evaluating and recognizing companies across a wide spectrum of industries that meet its stringent standards of excellence.”

It just cracks me up, all of the ways people invent to make money. If my ego was invested in what I do, I’d pay the fees for their “award” and get the word out; but, the award won’t ever be displayed in my already too cluttered office with books, wine glasses, wine bottles, furniture, filing cabinets, and paper.

I’m with PT Barnum… There is a sucker born every minute.

When awards are given, people, it doesn’t cost you anything to receive them. Imagine if every Oscar winner had to write a check, after picking up his or her prize? And so, we let it go, but not before capturing this image. It won’t rest in my office. It will just rest right here on my wine blog; so that if I ever get senile, I can remember what not to do.

The Email read:

Hello Jo Diaz,
I wanted to follow up on behalf on Catherine ___ who has been out of the office on maternity leave and wasn’t sure if she had been able to send you this announcement prior to her leave. Please do feel free to ignore this email should Ms. ___ have had the opportunity to connect with you.

On behalf of the US Trade & Commerce Research Institute, I wanted to let you know that Diaz Communications has been recognized as a 2014 California Excellence Award recipient. Our panel of industry executives and consultants oversees an annual survey commissioned by the USTCRI on various industries and determines which companies meet and exceed the industry benchmarks that have been set forth. Diaz Communications was one of those selected this year.

Further details on this selection can be viewed on our website including the press release that was produced for this occasion (which will not be distributed until mutual review is complete). To review the award and the accompanying press release please go to and enter the Reference # F9LNJWC on the top right corner of the page. Or you could directly go to the page by clicking the link below:
View your award and press release here

Our Media Division will be able to assist with any request for edits in the business name and/or editing the industry specification (Excellence in…) to be reflected on the award as well as adding a personalized company description on the press release. There is an option to insert such edits post viewing the award and press release.

Victoria ___
USTCRI – Annual Survey Division

Not sure why I’m protecting their names, but I am.

My “letter” is intended to sound so personal… The reality is that as many emails as I get to be listed in any “Who’s Who,” regardless of an false awards I’m issued, nothing beats my Kudos blog page, where people have taken the time to honor me with their kind words…. People with whom I’ve worked over the years.  I keep them here, because I know I’ll miss my own memorial. So, anytime I want to visit how people feel about what I’ve been able to accomplish, it’s all right here.

The reality for USTCRI… TBNT

Thanks but no thanks. I’m not going to even answer your email. I could have that award printed for less money, now that you’ve given it to me… But, I won’t. I don’t need it. Thankfully, you’ve only superimposed the test over an image in PhotoShop, saving yourself that money for etching… But, maybe I should give you an award. Yeah… here you go. You get an “A” in spamming and scamming.

About my ego… I had to check my professional ego at the door a long, long time ago. But, a good laugh every now and then is worth sharing.