How PR works

social media has amplified the process, as we all now know

[Photo: Wilfred Wong]
Nothing new in the title, “Social media is a very effective marketing tool.” However… sitting on both sides of the fence of being a PR pro and a published writer, I’m impressed with other PR people and their efforts. Those who are using social media very effectively, they’re winning the race. One of my closest Facebook pals is doing just that, and I’m talking about Peter Nowack.

The lesson here is “how he’s doing it,” for anyone in my PR position, who is still trying to figure this one out. And, I could honestly take a page from his playbook, as I write this… Thoughts are spinning through my head… Peter’s approach to Facebook:

  • Use of humor
  • Commenting on anything that allows his humor come through on other people’s Facebook posts
  • Developing friendships, but not really pushing any work agenda

Peter asked me privately a while ago if Jose and I could go to a media event, well in advance of his event. I said that our personal lives are very hectic, but if at all possible, we’d try to go. We’re over 100 miles away from his event, so we’d have to have the decks really cleared for this one. As a blogger, it would mean a weekend away, no travel expenses, and no billable hours… But, given the rapport that Peter has set up over the last year or so, I would have made the run, if at all possible… because he’s created a tight bond. This is how PR works, when all things are running on all cylinders.

  • As it turns out, my book’s not done (as it should be), and so I must keep my nose to the grindstone (with my own passionate project).
  • Still, regardless of being there or not, I will help publicize Peter’s project, thanking him for thinking of me.

No longer “Stuck in Lodi”

I have to thank Michael David Winery for inviting me to Lodi earlier this year, to attend a Petite Sirah tasting. It was at that time that I realized, because I hadn’t been there for about a decade, that Lodi is r-e-a-l-l-y on the move.  The event was called, “Unique tasting event in Lodi of Petite Sirahs + some very revealing info on Petite Sirah.”  It was here that I was reintroduced to Lodi’s amazing growth, since that song was written by Creedence Clear Water Revival. One can not “recall” a song – as in “bring it in and fix it” –  but if one could, this is “the” one. Lodi is now lovely, lush with vineyards, and has splendid accommodations and food to match the wines. Getting out to wine taste is an adventure. We stayed at the Wine & Roses Hotel Restaurant Spa. “This ain’t your daddy’s Lodi,” said she, using incorrect English only to make the point more exaggerated. [I’ve borrowed an image from their Website to prove my point.]

And… it just keeps getting better in Lodi…

Grand Opening of Oak Farm Vineyards New Winery & Tasting Facility

PRESS RELEASE: Lodi’s first true destination winery, Oak Farm Vineyards new facility offers visitors to the Lodi appellation an unequaled wine-country experience that reflects the quality and style of a wine region that has come into its own.

[Again, the image is borrowed from the Oak Farm Vineyards’ site.]

“Lodi is gaining recognition country-wide for its quality, hand-crafted varietals,” says Dan Panella, Oak Farm’s Managing Partner. “While are lots of tasting rooms and wine lounges in the area, there hasn’t been a ‘go-to’ place where wine lovers can share an elevated experience – until now. Our new winery is a game-changer. Think Napa style, but with genuine, Lodi-style hospitality.”

The 12,000+ square-foot winery and tasting room complex is perched amid 70 acres of vines, century-old oaks, and historic buildings – there’s even a lake on the property where guests can picnic and share a bottle of wine.

Oak Farm Vineyards is an up-and-coming winery that is making the leap – in a big way – from a custom-crush facility to its own 7,000-case “kitchen.” The winemaker is Chad Joseph, who has been making wine at Central Valley wineries large and small for about two decades, and whose wines have been the recipients of regional, national and international awards.

Oak Farm Vineyards is owned and operated by the Panellas, a family with agricultural roots in the Central Valley going back three generations. The third generation is represented by 36-year old Dan Panella who serves as Managing Partner, and his sister, Nicole, who is responsible for day-to-day back office winery decisions.

Media Preview ~ August 16 ~ contact Peter

Peter Nowack Email –

Public Grand Opening of Oak Farm Vineyards New Winery & Tasting Facility

Saturday/ Sunday, September 13-14; 11:00AM – 5PM both days
23627 North DeVries Rd. Lodi, CA 95242
Winery Tours; Wine Tasting; Food; Live Music; Door Prizes

Be there, or be stuck somewhere else that day… Unless you’re also writing a book; then, you’re excused… I do know that when I have the opportunity to get to Lodi, I’ll head straight to Oak Farm Vineyards, besides visiting all of my PS I Love You friends vineyards, too. I have a Lodi weekend in my future…