I need a real vacation, because this wine publicist’s house is under siege with repair people. Yesterday I posted about a flood happening in our upstairs bathroom. With water fans blowing 24/7, the “loud” white noise is now really setting in. I need a couple of days at the ocean… and again, I find myself dreaming of Sea Ranch. Our friends Ellen and Ken Landis at Landis Shores Inn are in Half Moon Bay  own a lovely bed and breakfast that we could also be visiting. But it’s in a bit more lively neighborhood, even though it’s also a bit from the mainstream. My hesitancy right now is that I need a complete rest, and it always inspires me to photograph how eclectic the neighborhood is. Nay, I need solitude; just salt air, wild grasses, a few deer, and the Pacific Ocean crashing below, with uninterrupted sea breezes.

Driving there is also part of the “adventure,” because the Pacific Coast Highway is spectacular. It isn’t always the quickest route; and it might take you on roads not meant for the feint of heart.

Sea Ranch is situated in Sonoma County on 52-acres of scenic coastal property. It’s located within The Sea Ranch development, which encompasses a 10-mile stretch of beautiful coastal homes, and an 18-hole golf course.

FROM THE NORTH: Traveling southward  on Highway 101, cut across (east to west) in Cloverdale, and west on Route 128. In Boonville  turn left onto Highway 253 (Mountain View Road) heading toward Manchester. You’ll experience a forest primeval. It’s worth the extra time.

FROM THE SOUTH: Off Highway 101 in Windsor, head west on the River Road, which takes you to Jenner, where you turn right onto Route 1 (The Pacific Coast Highway), and head north to Sea Ranch.

Coming from Route 253, it’s clear that although the Sea Ranch homes have been under development since the 1960s, their backdrop is a magnificent, untouched forest… So much to explore, so much city left behind, so much peace and tranquility.

Sea Ranch is a beautiful lodge facility. The staff completely surrenders to welcoming you. The attention to detail in their rooms is awesome.

I find Sea Ranch to be a gorgeous, Pacific oceanside retreat that beckons your spirit to stay, walk the cliffs, breathe the salt air, indulge yourself in a full-body massage, enjoy the sounds of surf and the sight of wild sea birds in exalted flight, and be pampered by an extraordinary staff who are there to serve your every need. Sea Ranch  is just quietly there, waiting for me to rest and relax… Something that the writer in me needs so much right now.

And yes, on this trip I’ll bring plenty of wine for those food and wine moments… Or, just sipping by the fire, whatever the mood. It just won’t include any white noise… Just the sounds of the surf crashing…