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Avalon Bay saves my day, right when I needed Calgon to take me away

I was asked if I would review a wine refrigerator for Avalon Bay, a home appliance company; their Avalon Bay AB-WINE12S 12 Bottle Single Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, to be exact.

Sure, why not? I have another Air & Water wine refrigerator in our kitchen. When I get samples in my office, I occasionally lamented that I don’t have a convenient storage unit right here for white wines coming in. So, yes, I was up for it… a gift falling from the sky. As you can see, my wish was granted.

It arrived and I immediately found just the right spot for it. Right next to me. Within two days, it was completely full of newly arrived samples. I was so excited about it that I took a picture of my slightly messy office… When you’re writing a book and have other duties, other things just seem to pile up. But I thought to myself, “I’m so inspired, I’m going to take a before and after picture. I would write, “Here’s my mess, but doesn’t the Avalon Bay AB-WINE12S look great in the middle of it?” Then, I’d shoot an after picture, because I was very inspired to get organized.

However, the unthinkable happened. Sometime during the night… God only knows at what hour, a hose pulled away from the guest bathroom… from  the wall to the toilet bowl. And it spewed seven gallons of water a minute for how many hours is beyond me… but it was enough to do at least an estimated $10,000 damage in the blink of an eye. Estimated is always the operative word, n’est ce pas?

The saving grace of this little refrigerator cannot be underscored. When the inspector for the job arrived, and we were told that fans would be brought in and dehumidifiers to suck out the water evaporating from the walls, floors, carpets, the house would become a 90+ degree sauna. The one thing he cautioned us about was our wine, and how it had to be properly stored, or the potential for losing it was a high probability.

And, that’s not a column in my office; it’s an air flow tube for sucking up moisture, going into one of the many dehumidifiers.

Sigh… the wine samples that arrived are protected. Now, I’m wishing for a huge, insulated wine closet, and recommend to anyone with a collection of wine, begin to get your coolers in place. No one wants to face what we’re currently going through… much less, “What to do with all of the wine?”

Benefits of this 12 bottle refrigerator:

  • Compact and Freestanding
  • Complete with interior LED light
  • Features Digital Temperature Display
  • Holds 12 Standard Sized Wine Bottles
  • Perfect for small wine collections
  • Thermoelectric Cooling and Vibration Free
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty

The SKU (AB-WIN12S, if you’d like to get started with your own 12 bottle refrig… Hopefully not under the same conditions.

Once the work is finished in my home, I’ll post that real “after” picture I wanted to add to this story. For now, bless this mess, and Avalon Bay for saving my day; and the white wine samples.

Here’s the after picture I was going to show you, of being more organized (Okay, I’m laughing out loud, because what are ya gonna do?”

My office has gone to hell in a hand basket for about three weeks, as I trudge on, waiting for the room to be “re” sheet rocked, repainted and new carpet to be laid. Yeah, they say these things are ruined. It’s beyond me to figure it all out. The insurance guys came up with this plan, and you know how they’d prefer to not spend money, so it must be true, right?

Just another day in the life of a wine publicist, who’s writing about the journey…

2 Responses to “Avalon Bay saves my day, right when I needed Calgon to take me away”

  1. Sorry about the problem with your home, hope it gets fixed soon. Glad to know that your wine is in good hands inside your Avalon Bay wine cooler. Sit and sip and relax. Everything will be fine!

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    We’re still waiting for the insurance company to accept bids from contractors. Let’s just hope that repairs happen before winter sets in, Donna. Part of the mess is that the water flooded the air ducts that carry heat to different parts of the house. A chilly morning this past week was a reminder of that fragility.

    Meanwhile, yes, the cooler is functioning well! Thanks for your empathy.

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