There’s going to be an informative, hands-on workshop in both Spanish and English on Immigration law at the Sonoma County Wine Library. I’ve asked wine grape growers what it’s like, now that we have stricter immigration laws, and none of them are happy. Many are being forced to by mechanical harvesters, because workers are no longer showing up as they used to do.

Some would argue that this is perhaps what our government, lobbyists, and big business had in mind all along…

  • Force out migrant workers, which also forces machinery sales. (Anyone see that happen, yet?)
  • Stop the flow of immigrants, so our homeless with their signs “will work for food” will show up to take those jobs. (Anyone see that happen, yet?)
  • Force small vineyards to sell or drop fruit, because no one is there to pick it? (Anyone see that happen, yet?)

Points well taken?

Liliana Gallelli, a dynamic and caring young woman who is dedicating her professional life to helping those who need it, understands and works within the sometimes bewildering legal maze of immigration. She is scheduled to present a detailed and practical workshop, in both Spanish and English.

Healdsburg Library
Thursday, July 17, 2014
From 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Anyone with children is encouraged to bring them along. Childcare and stories will be provided in the Children’s Library, so adults will be free to give their full attention to the forum.

On May 22, the Amigos de la Biblioteca and the Sonoma County Library put on this workshop in Santa Rosa. The Sonoma County Library’s executive director Bo Simons has decided to host it again in Healdsburg. According to Simons, “Liliana blew me away with her dedication, granular knowledge of immigration law, as well as her sympathy and care for those who have to navigate that maze. Please come or help me to spread the word.”

Bo Simons: 707-433-3772 x5, cell 707-508-6202; home 707-433-9247.