Bar Harbor

Back in the 1970s and 80s, while living in Maine, being a Happy Camper was a way of life. Lots of my time was spent on gorgeous Mount Desert Island, exploring Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, Maine. It was such a fun time that although it’s now 3,500 miles away, it’s marked in my mind and heart forever. Wine was also part of that culture, sitting around our camp fire, looking up at the sky’s splendor unhindered by any city lights, while the kids laying sleeping in our tent.

Had I then had access to this newly launched wine brand called Happy Camper, I’m betting that it would have been my ultimate favorite, versus the Mateus that was passed around; although Mateus did have its flower vase and candle holder appeal… There’s no denying that!

my happy camper kid

This past week, Happy Camper wines showed up on my door step. I have to tell you, I’m having a new love affair with its packaging. In Rock n’Roll, it’s called having a “hook.” This brand definitely has a “hook.” It’s so cleverly designed that it could even make a curmudgeon smile.

Jeffrey Dye has given us lots of reasons why this brand will take off, and they’re all right on the money. He’s definitely onto something! This is marketing genius at its best. Who doesn’t love a Happy Camper? Jeffrey Dye’s slogan of “getting to where life is good,” might even take some of us into a retro look back to where life was as simple and fun as this Happy Camper image.

Predominantly using California’s Central Coast fruit, with a price tag of only $8.99 a bottle, this wine is a bargain.

I adore the screw cap, too. In my world, twist off is the way to go. (Yes, I’m one of those advocates). Let’s talk… Today’s wine cellar is the back seat of your car, for as long as it takes for you to drive home. And, if you ARE building a wine cellar, where corks play into that romance, good for you! But you’re not filling your cellar with under ten dollar bottles of wine, are you?

Jordan Pond, Mt. Desert Is.

Another fun feature is that the capsule is dotted with those all-too-familiar camping symbols. This bottle of wine is an attention to detail extravaganza!

Popular varieties: Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet… that’s what Happy Camper is all about. What does it taste like? Spend the money and find out! At only nine dollars a bottle, you can’t afford to not have this experience (and you won’t be disappointed).

What could be more patriotic this 4th of July weekend than camping and enjoying an American-made wine, and Happy Camper certainly qualifies.

Click here to visit Happy Camper on line.

Be safe, play hard, and have fun out there, Happy Camper!