2014 Digital Wine Communications Conference

In 2009, I was privileged to attend the European Wine Bloggers Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.. Organized by the dynamic duo from Catavino, Ryan Opaz and Gabriella Opaz did a spectacular job of creating a very worthwhile event… One that has given me lifelong memories. [Left to right: Robert McIntosh, Gabriella Opaz, and Ryan Opaz.]

Catavino evolved from the wanderings of an American couple who craved a radical change in perspective. In 2005 they quit their jobs, moved to Spain and dug deep into the local gastronomy. As time passed, they expanded their focus to include Portugal, whereby sharing the heart and soul of Iberian food, wine and culture. We invite you to follow our adventures via our blog or, for those who’d like to experience Spanish and Portuguese gastronomy themselves, we’d like to offer you our firsthand tips on travel and our expertise in organizing food and wine tasting tours.

Another key person in the organizing of this well thought out and very professional team is Robert McIntosh, from Thirst For Wine.

Over the years, the name has evolved, simply because it’s so much more than the original name of the European Version of what America has as a wine bloggers conference. It was first called the European Wine Bloggers Conference. Ryan Opaz reached out to me because I had a trip planned to Lisbon, Portugal, and he got wind of it. He wanted to know if I was going to be in the the country during their conference, why would I not be attending? Good question… I signed up for it. Confidence turned out to be kismet.

The Digital Wine Communications Conference is not about us versus them… It’s about the new world of journalism, and I do appreciate that it rotates from European country to the next. I know there will be a year when I return. I just need the time to be able to slip away from my responsibilities.

I highly recommend the 2014 Digital Wine Communications Conference.

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Press Release

The news is spreading widely already, but we’re happy to remind you that this year we’ll have the honor of having Jancis Robinson MW giving us her insights during the Gala Dinner on Saturday night – a night that promises a few other surprises too. Jancis will also co-present the Swiss Wines Grand Tasting along with Jose Vouillamoz, and we will also learn from Paulo Basso, Best Sommelier of the World 2013. (There’s more information on other speakers on our updated website, & lots more to come.)

This year we have some exciting Sunday trips to the Swiss wine regions near Montreux, plus a small number of longer Press Trips both within and outside of Switzerland. Details of all locations and itineraries will be announced very soon but one sneak preview is …

Chateauneuf du Pape & Tavel: There will be a Press Trip from 28-30/10/2014 arriving in time for the special Thursday Masterclasses & BYOB (see below).

Applications for Pre and Post trips will open before the end of June. Places will be very limited and it will be up to the hosts to select the participants. Timing will depend on volume of applications, but we expect decisions to be made before the end of June so you can make travel plans.


As well as some truly unique Swiss wine experiences, your tastebuds will be entertained by our tasting events throughout the week.

Firstly, Gusbourne, the award-winning Sparkling wine producer from England, will be celebrating their 10th birthday with us and showing some exclusive library wines on Friday.


Participants will be flying in on Thursday, so we’ve planned a limited series of Masterclass tastings offering not just insights into wine areas outside Switzerland, but wines not available anywhere else. These will include unique, rare and mature wines from Amarone and the Valpolicella region, and from Tokaj. These are led tastings with experts from the regions and promise to be truly memorable events.

Tickets to these tastings are not included in the DWCC fee, but registered participants will get a 50% discount on the ticket price. For more information, click here.

The BYOB will then take place that evening, with a few innovations this year and, if all goes well, a stunning venue!

New Website
We thank you for your patience while we’ve been working on upgrading the event site. We’ve got a new, and (now) improved, site with the schedule details to date, local information, and more. Catch up with all of this on http://2014.dwcc.co

Special deals for Hotels and Flights
All the information about the special rates we have negotiated for hotels and flights are now published on the DWCC website. See the details here.

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